Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Interning for a cause...

Upcoming teachers and students pursuing Bachelor of Education from the Oriental College of Education, Mumbai completed their social internship with Indian Development Foundation. Students worked on Bal Gurukuls and The Dignity Project and helped in data-mining.
Sincere appreciations and gratitude to all the social interns for their commitment and goodness.
Rev. Sister Udaya and Rev. Sister Josephine from St. Catherine's Home felicitated the inters for their excellent work.

Monday, December 30, 2019

IDF Cover of Compassion..

#कोमल_फाउंडेशन द्वारा एवं #इंडियन_डेवलपमेंट_फाउंडेशन के सहयोग से संचालित #माँ_बैकुंठी_बाल_गुरुकुल,न्यू रामगढ़,जलेसर रोड,फिरोजाबाद में नि:शुल्क शिक्षा ग्रहण कर रहे नन्हे मुन्हे बच्चों के परिजनों को ठंड से बचने के लिए कंबल वितरण #नगर_मजिस्ट्रेट_फिरोजाबाद_कुंवर_पंकज_जी एवं #कोमल_फाउंडेशन_के_अध्यक्ष_अश्वनी_कुमार_राजौरिया द्वारा किया गया !
कोमल फाउंडेशन द्वारा एवं इंडियन डेवलपमेंट फाउंडेशन के सहयोग से कंबल पाकर बच्चों के परिजन बहुत ही खुश नजर आये !
कंबल वितरण कार्यक्रम में संजीव कुमार,माँ बैकुंठी बाल गुरुकुल की शिक्षिका श्रीमती वीनेश,अंकित बाबू,लक्ष्मी कुमारी,कुसमा देवी,योगेश कुमार,चमेली देवी,रूबी देवी,पूनम देवी आदि मौजूद रहे !

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Gratitude for VIBGYOR Goodness and excellent support through Student Social Responsibility...

Indeed a Divine Meeting with Mr Shim Mathew, Director - Academic Operations (Initiatives and International Partnership) Vibgyor Group of Schools. Expressed gratitude and exchanged thoughts of upcoming sustainable social projects in line with SDGs to be taken up from 2020.
Thanks Shri Manohar Baviskar for the portrait.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The Dignity Project... #MissionONEMillion..

IDF's Dignity Project to provide menstrual hygiene awareness and distribution of sanitary pads and hygiene kits organized for the students of Marian Higher Primary School, Millers Road, Bangalore on 14-12-2019.
Gratitude to all the medical volunteers from AMSA (Asian Medical Students Association) and IDF Social Ambassadors for making this mission at Bangalore possible.
Thanks to Vidya Niketana School at Bangalore for sponsoring Dignity kits for the girls.

The Founder's Day celebrations of Gremaltes Hospital at Chennai...

The Founder's Day celebrations of Gremaltes Hospital at Chennai was well organized. I could feel divine presence everywhere. Excellent teamwork by the leader, giving a sense of satisfaction to all those connected. Heartiest congratulations to Mr Pius Kalathil, Director of the leprosy hospital for taking the institution to greater heights, being with the institution for over 4 decades. IDF feels honoured to partner with Gremaltes since its inception. Jai ho..

This winter donate a blanket to the needy through IDF Cover of Compassion....

This winter donate a blanket to the needy through IDF Cover of Compassion.. http://www.idf.org.in/cover-of-compassion.html
Blankets distribution drive to Divyang persons (differently abled people) at an event called ReBirth organised by SHADE organization at Kolar Goldfield (KGF). Kolar at Karnataka
There are many needy people waiting for blankets to protect from biting cold in different parts of India. Christmas and New Year provides an excellent opportunity to serve the needy. Don't postpone goodness in life.