Monday, April 30, 2012

Sreevatsa and Srinath speaks on satisfaction

IDF social ambassadors from Bangalore - Sreevatsa and Srinath - speaks on satisfaction derived by them by supporting social causes. (video covered on 27-04-2012)

IDF Social Ambassadors gear up to spread smiles around

IDF Social Ambassadors gear up to spread smiles around. Prashanth, Jemimah, Amala, Meenakshi and Srinivas were inducted as IDF Social Ambassadors in Bangalore and they are committed to spread the message of goodness. A team of five have committed to educate people and enlighten the needy. (video covered on 27-04-2012)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

IDF young social ambassador are a great inspiration to the nation.IDF young social ambassador are a great inspiration to the nation.

IDF young social ambassador Master G.R.Shankersai received Bal Ratna Award on 18th April 2012 at Hyderabad. The Award was presented by Abhinandana Cultural Organisation. Padma Awardee and famous Kuchipudi artiste Shobha Naidu did the honours. G.R.Shankersai has been involved in various social development programmes of IDF in Hyderabad. IDF team congratulates Shankersai for this great achievement.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dundlod Vidyapeeth supports IDF work.

Dundlod Vidyapeeth (Dundlod, Dist. Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan) has been a great supporter of leprosy/TB and education programmes of Indian Development Foundation. Mr. Simon Peter and Mr. Kovid Oli from IDF thanked Mr. S.C. Karnatak, Principal of the school and appreciated the social support of Dundlod Vidyapeeth team for several years now. Salutations to the schoolteam. (18-04-2012)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Documentary on Indian Development Foundation

A short documentary of Indian Development Foundation (formerly Indian Leprosy Foundation). IDF is a leading national NGO working for health, education and development. IDF has an excellent track record of nearly three decades of humanitarian service.,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HR Consultant appreciates IDF

Rajiv Phadke, IDF Social Ambassador and HR Consultant appreciates Indian Development Foundation's HR principles and policies. Rajiv Phadke gave wonderful tips on HR to the managers of IDF. Rajiv Phadke has been providing development `gyaan' to the Foundation team to carry out social responsibility initiatives in a professional manner. (Recorded on 13-04-2012)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

IDF team leaders with the ignited IDF Young Social Ambassadors - Sahil - Ashwin and Yash. ..... IDFnext in making.

IDF team leaders with the ignited IDF Young Social Ambassadors - Sahil - Ashwin and Yash. ..... IDFnext in making.

"What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of a human being, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful and to remove the wrongs of injured..." Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Every support counts for IDF Centre of Excellence

Mr.Cecil O. Joseph, IDF Social Ambassador in Chicago launched a Donation Box on the Easter Day to mobilise resources for IDF Centre of Excellence in Bangalore. `My dream is to see that i contribute my part and also seek help from my friends and contacts for building IDF Centre of Excellence in Bangalore, India', said Mr.Cecil.

Mr. Cecil Joseph has been involved in social programmes of Indian Development Foundation for nearly three decades. During his recent visit to India, he visited IDF Bal Gurukul located in the Asia's second biggest slum (Malwani) and shared joy and happiness with the children. He also sponsored uniforms and books for the children in IDF Bal Gurukul. While in Rajasthan, he visited Tilak Bal Gurukuls in Langadiyawas village and Nonpura village in Jaipur. The children of these Bal Gurukuls felt extremely happy to meet Mr.Cecil Joseph. IDF Bal Gurukul in Panvel touched his heart. Children studying in extreme difficult condition - without electricity, water and sanitation. He decided to promote the work of IDF among his friends and mobilise funds for the cause of education.

IDF Centre of Excellence in Bangalore is a Dream Project of IDF. It will have a state-of-art training centre which will cater to the aspiring youth of this country. Little ones will have their Bal Gurukul and the grown-ups will have a leadership school. Women will have a women empowerment programme while adult education will also be part of IDF Centre of Excellence.

Mr. Cecil Joseph has taken the first initiative in mobilising resources from friends and contacts. IDF will soon be appealing to the people to contribute their mite for this mega project.

A step towards excellence to excel the young minds.

Cecil Joseph spreading joy and happiness.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Governor of Maharashtra hails IDF work.

His Excellency Shri K. Sankaranarayanan, Governor of Maharashtra appreciated the work of Indian Development Foundation (IDF) in the areas of health, education and development.

A six-member IDF team called on the Governor of Maharashtra at the Raj Bhavan, Mumbai on 2nd April 2012. IDF team comprising Dr.A.R.K.Pillai, Mr. Priyadarshan Shete, Dr. A.P. Jayaraman, Dr. Hari Vasudevan, Rtn. Aunali Rupani and Dr. Narayan B. Iyer met the Governor and apprised on IDF's national programmes for nearly three decades.

HE Shri Sankaranarayanan expressed happiness on the good work done by the Foundation in the field of leprosy eradication. Taking up additional work like setting up Bal Gurukuls across India, TB awareness programmes and Clean India Movement are the need of the hour, the Governor said.

The Governor also congratulated IDF’s social partners Rotary Clubs and ISKCON in providing mid-day meals to the students in private schools in Mumbai.

The Governor wished good luck to IDF and hoped more people to come forward in nation building activities.