Saturday, January 31, 2015

World Anti-Leprosy Day Reach-Out Programme @ Tamil Nadu.

Anti Leprosy Day Programme at Gremaltes Hospital

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) and GREMALTES jointly organised Anti Leprosy Day programme at GREMALTES Hospital today.

Mr. Wilson, Vice principal of the Sacred Heart Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Padi, Chennai  was the chief guest  for  the function and congratulated the IDF and GREMALTES for organising the function and taking care of the leprosy patients. He wished the patients a speedy recovery.

Mr. S. Sreeram, Manager of Indian Development Foundation said " IDF observing the anti leprosy for last 3 decades and support the leprosy patients in all possible way.
Mr. Sreenivasalu, Health Education officer, GREMALTES Hospital said " they have cured more than 65,000 patients and they will continue to support the leprosy patients.

Mrs. P. Maggi, Nursing -In charge, GREMALTES Hospital said " they were providing best care to the leprosy patients'.
Ms. T. Vincy, Medical Counsellor,  GREMALTES list out the various services provided by GREMALTES Hospital for the leprosy patients and deal with the emotional problems of the Leprosy patients.

The patients also thanked IDF and GREMALTES Hospital for the support extended to them from time to time.

Friday, January 30, 2015

World Anti-Leprosy Day 2015

The martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi (30th January) is observed as Anti-leprosy day throughout the world. It is also called "International Anti-leprosy day". NGOs, international voluntary agencies and government machineries observe a week-long programme starting from 30th Jan. to 5th Feb. giving scientific information on leprosy to the masses and sensitising the public on the disease. Various activities in public places are organised for disseminating message on leprosy.

SOMETIME IN 1945, Prof. T. N. Jagadisan invited Mahatma Gandhi to inaugurate the Kasturba Kushta Nivaran Nilayam building in Tamil Nadu. Gandhiji wrote back, "Get someone to open it; opening a hospital is not a big matter, but I shall come to close it.'' By this Gandhiji meant that leprosy should be soon eliminated so that there won't be any need for leprosy hospitals.

Mahatma Gandhi's cherished dream of a leprosy-eliminated India has come true. Thanks to the support of the various NGOs, national and international bodies along with the Government machinery, the number of leprosy cases has come down from 40 lakhs in 1982 to 1.27 lakh today. Since the prevalance rate of leprosy has come down to less than 1 per 10,000 population in India, the govt. has declared that leprosy has been eliminated.

Leprosy is completely curable today. An air-borne disease caused by mycobacterium leprae, leprosy was a scourge of humanity and it carried a lot of misconceptions. Leprosy is a socio-medical problem. Though the number of leprosy cases has come down, the stigma still prevails. A lot need to be done with regard to rehabilitation of persons affected with leprosy (PALs).

Social stigma continues to haunts the patients though a lot of awareness campaigns  had been conducted. We could find new cases being detected in some regions.  Medical team and social workers are on the move to reach-out to the needy people.

Indian Development Foundation (formerly Indian Leprosy Foundation) team will be covering up government schools and other educational institutions during the week disseminating scientific information on leprosy during the week.  Also distribution of blankets and MCR chappels to the needy patients will be distributed by IDF Team.  Students' participation in leprosy elimination programmes needs to be written in the letters of gold. IDF is committed to leprosy elimination work. 

Anti Leprosy Day Programme held at St. John's Church @Coonoor

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

IDF Student Leadership Programme @ Elia Sarvat Urdu Medium School at Malwani.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world- Nelson Mandela.
It was IDF Student Leadership Programme- Day 5 at Elia Sarvat Urdu medium School at Malwani, with Ms Salma, Mrs Sushma Gaba and Mr Adiraj to create social leaders for a better India. Make a difference by becoming a SLP mentor !!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Republic Day

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) 
wishes you all a Happy Republic Day.


Deepam Bal Gurukul @ Tiruvannamalai, TN

IDF inaugurated Deepam Bal Gurukul at Victoria Hindu Middle School, Tiruvannamalai on 23rd January 2015.  

Arunachaleswarar Bal Gurukul @Tiruvannamalai

IDF launched Arunachaleswarar Bal Gurukul at Vanapuram village, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu on 23rd Jan 2015.

IDF is committed to spread smiles all around.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweaters distributed at Bal Gurukul @Uttarakhand

Sweaters distributed at Haridwar Bal Gurukul, Nalapani Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Rishikesh Bal Gurukul, Shivpuri, Mohani Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
IDF Social Ambassadors Mr. Thomas and Mr. Anil Kumar from KNS, Patna did the distribution.
 Thanks to IDF Social Ambassador Mr. Nilesh Jain and team for mobilizing sweaters for the needy.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Contribute Rs.2015 for IDF CofE and Spread Goodness.

Year 2015 - Contribute Rs.2015 for IDF CofE and spread goodness.
Help us to dedicate the project to the nation.

Dear friends, supporters and well-wishers

Greetings and good wishes from Dr. Pillai and Team IDF !

May all your dreams for the year 2015 come true.  IDF Centre of Excellence (CofE) is all set to launch by Feb/March 2015.  May we request you to donate Rs.2015/= for IDF Centre of Excellence (CofE) a sustainable development model, and make the dream of IDF come true.  IDF will dedicate CofE to the nation.

Do share this goodness message with all your friends and contacts and help us in completing the project soon.  You support, we do the rest !!!  The entire project is possible only with people's support and public contribution.

We thank you for all your kind and continued support to IDF's social projects. Enlightened persons like your goodself help us to sustain our work in humanitarian interest.

IDF Centre of Excellence is a holistic sustainable development model. The first project will be started in Bangalore. The initial cost of construction is INR 1.5 crores, of which we have already raised 1crore from various supporters/ Samaritans including students who gave small coins. The civil work is almost completed.  We plan to launch the Centre by February 2015 and dedicate it to the nation.  We seek your kind support and financial assistance for this noble project.

IDF CofE will be a great boon for empowering the youth of this country through skill development.  It will be a kind of finishing school for the graduates/ engineering students, make them job-ready and enhance their employability. The three-storey CofE at Bangalore will also be a multi-faceted facility catering to different social projects.  (Ground Floor – IDF Bal Gurukul to teach children in the neighbouring area, First Floor – Leprosy/ TB/ Health research wing, Second Floor – State-Of-The-Art Training Hall and Third Floor – Women Empowerment and Adult Education Cell.)  IDF CofE will be a great gift to the nation.

Kindly donate Rs.2015/= and help us in completing/ launching the project.

Donations can be sent by way of cheque in favour of Indian Development Foundation and sent to IDF Regd. Office - L 10/ 3 & 4, Jal Ratan Deep, Bangur Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai  400104 OR through NEFT/RTGS
Name of the Account : Indian Development Foundation
Payee's Bank : Indian Overseas Bank
Branch : Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (W), Mumbai
Savings Bank A/c. :207001000085139
IFSC Code : IOBA0002070

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indian Development Foundation @ IIM Ahmedabad

Dr.Narayan Iyer, CEO & National Co-ordinator, Indian Development Foundation, presented a paper on "Plugging Leakage of Vulnerable Student Supply Chain: An Innovative Interventional Initiative " at the ICCIG 2015 AT IIM Ahmedabad on 20.01.2015. An excellent opportunity to showcase IDF's Bal Gurukul work. Thanks for all your blessings and support.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar blesses IDF work.

Dr.S. Franklincalled on the Guruji and explained IDF work and also highlighted on the upcoming IDF Centre of Excellence project. Sri Sri Guruji appreciated the work and wished good luck in future social endeavours. 18.01.2015. At AOL Bangalore

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Road safety week - awareness campaign in Niraj International School

26th National road safety week - awareness campaign in Niraj International School, Medchal in association with IDF , Road Safety Club and RTA Medchal.

Our sincere appreciations to Mr. Jaychandra , RTO and Mr. Yerran Swamy MVI for the support and involvement.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Kite Flying Festival, Makar Sankranti - A social exchange programme, Mumbai

Grade 3 & 4 students from Podar International School, Santacruz (W), Mumbai invited a group students from St. Catherine's School, Andheri (W), Mumbai for celebrating Kite Flying Festival (Makar Sankranti) on 13-01-2015. 

Every year students from either of the school meet and exchange greeting cards, gifts, 'til-gud ladoos' and kites. An event for kite making and decoration was organized by the the Podar school. Both the school students exchanged pleasantries, decorated the kites and presented as gifts. 

Students from St. Catherine's School expressed their sincere thanks for the wonderful reception and exchange programme. Podarites too conveyed their gratitude for the golden opportunity provided to spread happiness to those who need the most. Indian Development Foundation organised the social responsibility programme for both the schools. 

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