Monday, October 29, 2012

Road of goodness from Erode

The Correspondent Mrs.S.Sowmila Saravana Kumar Sree Saravana Niketan Matric. Hr.Sec.School,Nerinjipettai,Erode- Dt. presenting topper gift to the teacher, Mr.M.Rangasami, Senior Development Executive of Indian Development Foundation.

IDF extends a helping hand to little Afsana at Bellanakeri Taluq Sirsi, Karnataka

Little Afsana (5 yrs) developed brain fever in early 2012 and it became difficult and unaffordable for parents to meet the treatment cost.  The parents have spent a fortune on treating the child and got caught up in debts. Finally Manipal Hospital came forward to their rescue to offer treatment to Afsana. However, she has to be taken to the hospital for monthly treatment for about two years. The monthly visits to the hospital from village works out to Rs.2000/= plus.  Afsana’s father Ismail Mulla is an agriculture worker depending on daily wage which is seasonal and mother is a home-maker.  

IDF team visited the family and discussed with the villagers and social workers on a sustainable plan which can help them to cope up with the immediate needs and also monthly travel to the hospital.

As part of family rehabilitation and welfare measure, IDF team visited Afsana’s home in Oct. ’12, presented a sewing machine and a goat.  Through this rehabilitation process, Afsana’s mother can get some income through tailoring work and goat rearing can help the family in long run too. IDF’s rehabilitation program will help the family to cope up immediate requirements and also cover the travel expenses for taking Afsana to hospital on monthly basis.

Dr. Franklin, Mr. Samuel Vincent and Mr. Umesh Prasanna from IDF did their best to reach-out the family on a sustainable development model.

IDF conveys good wishes to Afsana for her quick recovery and wellness.

IDF committed to spread smiles on many lives.  

You support, we do the rest !!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

‎"Change for changes". Every coin makes the ocean of goodness.....

Cecil Joseph family creates innovative moves for IDF work in USA and India. Here is a simple, but innovative thought has caught on with people here in Chicago and many cities here in US are bound to follow. Cecil made a model of "flower vase" as kitty for coins for self and the kids in the family. Kids and parents have the habit of putting all the coins daily into the vase and within a short time, the `changes' have the power to make a sea-change in million lives. A chase for the second and third vases were on as IDF team stepped into their Schaumburg home. An effortless but efficient move has netted a good amount for donation to IDF USA through this novel method. Cecil is a creative person, so also his charming wife Ivy and children Glenn, Sophia and Karen ! 

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side.

Compassion Connect from Chandigarh to Chicago !!!

IDF Social Ambassador Utkarsh Rastogi from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign met IDF team at Super8, Elk Grove, Illinois and got the update on the happenings in IDF USA. Utkarsh has been associated with IDF from school days in Chandigarh and was instrumental in making the first documentary on IDF Bal Gurukul at Langadiyawas and Nonpura villages in Jaipur. The journey of goodness continues with a great smile.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Merciful Moments......

Mr.Mathew John and Mrs.Mercy and their daughters, Esther and Rebecca received IDF team and conveyed good wishes to all children in IDF Bal Gurukuls India.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Learning for life...

IDF Team met Venu Priya from Janyaa, an organisation working to inculcate scientific temper and teach science and math to the underpriveleged in India. IDF will be happy to provide the platform of goodness and welcom Janyaa for the wholistic development. 

Bountiful blessings and support geared up for launching IDF Project Goodness at California.

Mr. Jayaraman and Mrs. Vasanthi extended a warm welcome to IDF team - Dr. ARK Pillai and Dr. Narayan Iyer for launching IDF Project Goodness in California.

Rotary Club of Saratoga California appreciated IDF work

IDF team - Dr. ARK Pillai, Dr. Narayan Iyer, Cecil Joseph and S. Jayaraman - were invited by the Rotary Club of Saratoga, California to speak on the vision and mission of IDF. Special thanks to the President of the Club Rotarian Wes Toy and Rotarian Chandra Venkatraman for the invitation and support. (26-10-2012)

IDF team visited Foundation for Excellence in Santa Clara, CA

IDF team met Mr.Venktesh Shukla, President for Foundation for Excellence in Santa Clara, CA who support higher education programme in India. FFE has come forward to support students sent through IDF for higher education viz., engineering and medical courses. It's will be a great blessing for the students who are waiting for the goldern opportunity to make their life ahead. (26-10-2012)

IDF USA launched Project Goodness at Divine Science Community Centre, San Jose, California

IDF USA launched Project Goodness at Divine Science Community Centre, San Jose, California on 26th October 2012. IDF team Dr. ARK Pillai, Dr. Narayan Iyer, Mr. Cecil Joseph and Mr. S. Jayaraman spoke on Project Goodness. The journey of leprosy elimination and the diversification of the Foundation work were explained to a large number of friends who thronged to the venue. Social Ambassadors were inducted for furthering the project goodness in Bay Area. IDF conveys special thanks to all the sponsorers and supports for coming forward to help a mega awareness event. Also thanks to all the friends for their valuable inputs and team-spirit. JAI HO !!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meeting the visionary.....

IDF Team met Mr.Murali Krishnamurthy, Founder and Executive Chairman of Sankara Eye Foundation at California. 25-10-2012. Exchanged notes on social development models in India and providing vision to the needy. 

IDF team with Stanford India Association at Stanford University

IDF team comprising Dr. ARK Pillai, Dr. Narayan Iyer, Mr. Cecil Joseph and Mr. S. Jayaraman met a group of leaders from Stanford India Association in Stanford University who are involved in out-reach and sustainable development projects and explained to them on vision and mission of IDF and the future plans. Good response received from the students on social internship and social exchange platform with IDF. (25-10-12)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sharing IDF success story with the medical students of John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Chicago.

IDF team met a group of residency students of John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Chicago and discussed on the success stories of IDF (23-10-2012). IDF team included - Dr. Ark Pillai, Cecil O Joseph, Ivy Joseph, Queenie Mendonca and Dr. Narayan Iyer. The residency students were - Ajay Joseph, Swati Gulati, Neha Jaswal, Dinesh Gaddam, Rakesh Kumar, Gurpreet Singh, Geeta Kutty and Arvind R.M. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Health Awareness on TB for the workers

  ' Health Awareness on TB for the workers of JMC site workers, Maranahalli, Doddabalapur, Bangalore R D' on 22nd Oct, 12.

   IDF in collaboration with Good Neighbors India, B'lore, organized the H A on TB for the JMC site workers through audio visual..Mr. Samuel Vincent, Z O, Mr. Ashok and the IDF team and Ms. Meena Arun, Projectt Mgr and Ms. Anitha H, Community Organizer from Good Neighbors India, organized the program.
  Around 60 site workers (Telugu and Hindi speaking) attended the program. The workers took keen interest to know more about TB. Some of them asked good questions, like, one Mr. Bhaskar inquired about the repercussions of incomplete treatment of TB. All the workers were enlightened about TB and all were motivated to spread the Goodness Message to their friends and colleagues.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Preparing for Lights!!

IDF Social Ambassadors Mrs. Radha Balan, Mrs. Rita Phadke and Miss Pratibha Menon organized a diya making workshop for the women of Pathanwadi, Malad. IDF is dedicated to conduct more such workshops and help women of INDIA in becoming independent.

Passionate Patil Family extends helping hand to IDF's humanitarian causes

Passionate Patil Family extends helping hand to IDF's humanitarian causes. Ameet Patil is the Social Ambassador of IDF who supports IDF USA in technological updates and social development projects. IDF team Dr.Ark PillaiCecil O Joseph,John Trivedi and Narayan Iyer called on the Patil family on 20-10-2012.

Thanks Ameet for your overflowing goodness and kindness. God bless you !!!

Invitation from MARC - (Malayalee Association Respiratory Care)

IDF team were invited as special guests at the Annual Gathering of MARC, Illinois on 20-10-12. Malaylee Association for Respiratory Care (MARC) is an NGO in Illinois, with primary objective to foster fellowship and friendship among Malayalees in the profession of Respiratory Care. Dr. ARK Pilai, Dr. Narayan Iyer and Mr. Cecil Joseph were invited as Special Guests for their annual gathering.

Friday, October 19, 2012

IDF USA launched at Chicago - Journey of Boundary-less Goodness

IDF launched IDF USA in Chicago on 19th Oct. 2012....... A journey of boundary-less goodness. Mentor of social workers, Dr. ARK Pillai inducted IDF USA Board Members - Mr. John Trivedi, Mr. Abraham Thomas, Mr. Mukesh Shah, Mr. Cecil Joseph and Mrs. Queenie Mendonca. Dr. Narayan Iyer spoke on the success story and global vision ahead.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Discussing IDF Bal Gurukul projects and strengthening education projects in India.

Mr.Tomi Methipara and Mr. Rajan Kallumkal met IDF team to start a Bal Gurukul in India and support education projects in villages.

Magnanimous Mohanty Moments

The Mohanty Family - Prashant Mohanty and Prakash Mohanty - extended their warmth and support to IDF's social programs. The young minds too - Parth, Pranay and Pratham - are involved in spreading value-based message among friends. IDF team conveys special thanks to the Mohanty Family for their unconditional goodness and support. (18-10-12)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

IDF team met Indian Social Workers Association of Illinois

IDF team met Indian Social Workers Association of Illinois at Morton Grove, Illinois. Dr. ARK Pillai, Dr. Narayan Iyer and Mr. Cecil Joseph addressed the Indian Social Workers Association of Illinois Team on the social development projects of IDF and the upcoming projects in India. Team ISWAI congratulated Team IDF for the wonderful humanitarian programs carried out in India.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Globetrotters Chicago appreciated IDF work

Shri Niranjan Shah, Chairman of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, Chicago congratulated Dr. ARK Pillai and IDF team for the excellent social projects carried out in India. IDF team comprising - Dr. ARK Pillai, Dr. Narayan Iyer, Mr. Chandresh Brahmbhatt, Mr. John Trivedi and Mr. Cecil Joseph called on Mr. Niranjan Shah of Globetrotters and apprised him of IDF's vision and mission and future plan. (16-10-12)


INDIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION launched S-3 (Sarva Sakhi Swavalambhan) Project in Bhatta Basti, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur in collaboration of Prarambh Ngo... Around 800 women from nearby slum areas associated with Prarambh NGO and Prerna Federation will take part in this WOMEN EMPOWERMENT program. IDF team - Kovid Oli, Aryaman Chetas Pandeyand Simon Peter - presented the sewing machines at the event and congratulated Sandeep Edwin for monitoring and organising the empowerment programme. Empower Women ..... Enrich Families !!! (16-10-12)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Travelodge team appreciated IDF work.

Travelodge team appreciated IDFwork. 
Mr.Thomas Abraham (Saji) of Travelodge is with IDF team Dr.ARK Pillai, Mr. Cecil Joseph and Dr.Narayan Iyer