Friday, December 21, 2007

Join New Year Celebrations and feel the difference

Dear Friends :

Greetings and good wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year !

Indian Development Foundation (formerly Indian Leprosy Foundation) will be organising a Citizen's Reach-out Programme on 29th December 2007 (Saturday) at 4:30 PM at Vimala Dermatological Centre, Versova, Yari Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 061. We cordially invite you and family to participate in this public event and share the joy of happiness.

Every year we conduct New Year celebrations with leprosy patients and children of Vimala Centre, distribute gifts, eats and items of daily use. Such Citizens' Reach-out programme has gained momentum over twenty five years now. Citizens from different walks of life will gather at the centre to greet the inmates and children during the festive occasion.

Leprosy patients on this occasion get the happy feeling that there are kind-hearted citizens who consider them as part of society and care for their welfare. The citizens-patients interaction during festive occasion has gained year after year.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to help those who are in dire need and who deserve your kind words, help and sympathy.

We would request you and friends to participate in the event and share the joy of participation.

With kind regards and good wishes,

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer

0 9819131388

PS : Donations in cash/kind may be sent directly to the Foundation for organising the event.

send a card, serve a child

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Outsource Greetings - Send a card through IDF

Dear Friends :

Greetings and good wishes from IDF !

Hope you have seen our email with regard to IDF Greeting Cards. Send a card, Serve a child. Click the link given below and you will get all the details.

Time is very short and we can help you reach your near and dear ones directly. Just send your friends and contacts addresses to us, we will send your Greeting Cards instantly.

Price Details

For people in India - Rs.15/- per card including postage. Minimum order 50 cards. More is always welcome.

For people outside India - $1 per card including postage in India - Minimum 25 cards. More is always welcome.

Save time and start placing your orders. You send your friends addresses and the rest will be taken care.

Email Details

Please send Complete Address of your friends at OR

Remittance details -

For people in India - Cheque/ Drafts/ MOs in favour of Indian Development Foundation and send it to IDF, L 10/3 & 4 Jal Ratan Deep, Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 400 104.

For people outside India - (click the link)

You can also place orders for packets which will be sent to you directly. The option is yours.



With all good wishes and waiting for your favourable response,

IDF Publications Division

Monday, December 10, 2007

Send a card, Serve a child

Dear Friends :

Season's Greetings to you all !

Festive season is around the corner and we are certainly happy to celebrate it with great joy.

While we celebrate the festive season, let's remember the poor and the deprived sections of our society who do not have adequate access for enjoying the festivities. There are several children under IDF care who need your care and attention for their health and education. It is our tradition to share what we have with the underprivileged in the society, isn't it ? Why not share your mite for some noble cause now. Here is a way to participate and share the joy of happiness.

In this e-world, Greeting people through sms, emails etc. have become a fashion. BE DIFFERENT, MAKE AN IMPACT. Greet your near and dear ones with an IDF Greeting Card. Send an IDF Card today and feel the difference.

IDF has brought out 4 special designs of Greeting Cards. These cards are specially designed by the underprivileged of the Creative Centre for Arts run by the National Society for Clean Cities - India.

Feel free to see the specimen of Greeting Cards attached with this mail. You will be surprised to see the beautiful paintings made by the underprivileged children. (Size of the card 5X7 inches folded) (Fine Quality Printing - 300 gms Art Card)

We have made it easier for the friends to buy cards - since the cards are in a packet. A single pack contains 12 Cards - 3 cards each of 4 designs and 12 envelopes too. Each card costs Rs.10/=, thus the packet price comes to Rs.120/=. IDF gives a special offer during this festive season by making it available for JUST Rs.100/=. Grab this offer and help the poor and the needy. This is the golden opportunity to serve people at large.

Courier charges as per actuals will be charged extra

By buying IDF Cards you will help in making the future of India. The underprivileged children need your care and concern. Send IDF cards and empower their lives.

Orders may be placed with Indian Development Foundation, L-10/3&4 Jal Ratan Deep, Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400 104 OR email /

With all good wishes,

IDF Publications Division

Friday, December 7, 2007

IDF Social Ambassadors

Become an IDF Social Ambassador

An ideal way to fulfillment !
IDF invite you to become an Ambassador in your area and promote the social work for humanitarian benefit.
For details contact IDF @ OR

Meet our Social Ambassadors

1. Mr. Karthick S., Mumbai (
2. Mr. Abraham Samuel, Bahrain (
3. Mr. T. N. Anil, Botswana, Africa (
4. Mr. Simon Sherpa, Nepal (
5. Mr. Ketan Shah, Mumbai (
6. Mr. Ashish Taskar, Mumbai (
7. Mr. Nigil Rajan, Mumbai (
8. Mr. Anand G. Swamy, Mumbai (
9. Mr. Hariharan Balasubramanian Mettupatti, Chennai (
10. Master Karan Dravid, Bangalore (
11. Master Nivedhan Suresh, Chidambaram (
12. Master C. Kailash, Puducherry (
13. Mr. C. R. Gonsalves, Bellary, Karnataka (9448189999)
14. Mrs. Neeta Kirit Sanghvi, Mumbai (9224379035)
15. Mr. Biju Vikraman, Sydney, Australia (
16. Mr. Avinash Patra, Mumbai (

We will be updating the details shortly.

IDF PR Division

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Archbishop hails IDF work

On the eve of World AIDS Day, Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator, IDF called on His Grace Rev. Vincent Concessao, Archbishop of Delhi at Archbishop's House (30-11-07).

Dr. Narayan apprised the Archbishop on the activities of IDF in national level.

The Archbishop congratulated IDF and all its team-members for the wonderful work being carried out in humanitarian interest. When asked for a message on World AIDS Day, the Archbishop stressed on building moral values and spreading the message of love and faith among the youth. This is the need of the hour and we can only fight against the dreaded disease called AIDS, when we spread the message of love, faith and joy, the Archbishop commented.

Dr. Narayan presented IDF publications to the Archbishop who later conveyed his blessings and good wishes.

IDF PR Division

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

IDF News @

A noted website serving the Mangaloreans around the world, hosted from Chicago, has always been highlighting IDF work in national interest. The recently organised World AIDS Day 2007 on 1st Dec. 07 has been highlighted in their portal in public interest.

IDF thank Mr. Roshan Desouza, Founder & Creator and Mrs. Queenie Mendonca, Managing Editor of the website for their kind and continued support.

The bloggers may click to the link given below and see the report for yourself.

IDF PR Division

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

World AIDS Day 2007

Indian Development Foundation and Vivek Education Society organized a World AIDS Campaign on December 1, 2007 which happened to be the World AIDS Day at Goregaon West, North Mumbai .

300 Students from class XI onwards formed the major audience who received the vital information on HIV/AIDS.

Though the numbers of HIV cases are coming down in India , still we need to have concern for those affected with this dreaded disease and die out of it. We can STOP HIV/ AIDS only through proper awareness and education. World AIDS Day gives us an opportunity to take part in the massive campaign and spread the message, said Rev. Sr. Bertilla Capra.

Rev. Sr. Bertilla Capra, Director of Vimala Dermatological Centre and Chief Guest for the programme stressed on faith, love and joy. Youth in this country should know the importance of life and help to build a healthy society, stressed Sr. Bertilla.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President of IDF spoke on scientific information on HIV/AIDS while Mr. Suresh Nair , Principal, Vivek Vidyalaya & Junior College stressed on the statistical details and the rising problem in India. Prof. P. Thangadurai, NSS Co-ordinator, Vivek College of Commerce exhorted the students to come forward and fight against the dreaded disease.

Students who spoke on the occasion were Meenakshi Ganeshan, Shaila Sunder, Akshata Khanolkar , Nikita Mhapsekar and Asif. Every student stressed on massive dissemination of information, education and communication on the subject to stop the spread of the disease. Community participation and love for the children affected with HIV were also some of the points the students touched upon.

A group of 40 students from Podar International School (IB) led by Mrs. Sarala Gavane, CAS Co-ordinator also took active part in the campaign.

Bedrock hall was fully decorated with messages and vital information on HIV/AIDS. Colourful banners, posters, charts and newsclippings gave more impetus to campaign.

Red Ribbons were distributed to all the participating students while pamphlets on HIV/AIDS were exchanged for more knowledge. Students and dignitaries joined in lighting candle to mark the World AIDS Day and pledging to fight against the disease.

Stop AIDS, Keep the Promise was the slogan raised by the students as they lighted the candles.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Koffee with Karan - Part 2

Read more about IDF's youngest Social Ambassador - Karan Dravid. The Times of India, Bangalore edition of 25th November 2007 has given a wide coverage.

8-yr-old helps tribal kids learn English

BANGALORE: "Uncle, if you've an old working computer, give it to me. I'll pass it on to the poor tribal children so that they can learn English." That's eight-year-old Karan Dravid speaking on his own, no cues, no prompts.

Unlike the children of his age who kid around with toys, Karan dons a thinking cap: "All children should know English. They shouldn't be begging or working in hotels, but should go to school." He enjoys mingling with tribal kids in BR Hills, teaching them English every weekend and during vacations.

Mumbai-based NGO, Indian Development Foundation, has roped in Karan as young ambassador to promote rural empowerment initiatives. He's a whizkid — knows six languages, including French, memorises shlokas and has an enviable language-learning skill. At the same time, the child in him is very much active: he plays and dances with peers at his school, Kendriya Vidyalaya, MEG Centre, and watches latest movies.

"We haven't taught him much, but only answered his queries," says his father Sai Prem Kumar, an engineer. "We found that Karan, at three, was inquisitive and had good memory. An answer to his query would be etched in his mind and he'd interpret in his own way."

"Once he wanted to know why some children didn't know English. I told him they were poor and hence couldn't go to school. Since then, he has taken it upon himself to do something for the poor," Kumar recalls. Without parents' knowledge, Kiran met his principal, talked his friends into mobilising a load of shoes and clothes for the children at BR Hills Empowerment School. "He had ensured his friends don't give too old or torn clothes," said Karan's mother Kalpana, who works in the excise department.

Does Kiran want to become a cricketer, a la his namesake? The boy shoots it down. "Want to be famous?" A big "no", again. "What do you want to become then?" Pat came the reply: "An IAS officer so that I can help the poor and make their children go to school."

Karan is also interacting with reputed schools to get the students work for the poor. His priority: "Want to request all uncles in big posts to give me old computers." Flawlessly reciting the Song of Youth , Karan says: "I know APJ Abdul Kalam's full name. I'd like to meet him. Do you have his email ID, uncle?",prtpage-1.cms

Also read :

Saturday, November 24, 2007


As per the World Health Organization estimates, out of total 37 million blind persons (Visual Acuity <3/60) in the world, 6.7 million are in India, which is one-fifth of the total global blind population.

As per the Eye Bank Association of India, Hyderabad, there are 500 Eye Banks/ Eye Donation Centres in the country including 148 in Maharashtra. Around 30,000 donated eyes are collected annually in the country.

There are about 6000 Optometrists in India and about 1200 pass out every year. More Optometrists are needed to fulfill patients’ requirements for eye care in the country as the Ophthalmologists – para medical personnel ratio should be 1:4.

As per the survey conducted during 2006-07, the prevalence of Blindness in the country has come down to 1% as compared to 1.1% during the year 2001-02.

The National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB) is committed to reduce the burden of avoidable blindness to 0.3% by the year 2020.

The following steps have been taken under NPCB to achieve the targets and for effective implementation of the programme:-

1. Setting up of State Blindness Control Societies and District Blindness Control Societies in States/UTs.

2. Providing Eye care facilities to the needy people at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels through Primary Health Centres, District Hospitals, Medical Colleges and Regional Institutes of Ophthalmology.

3. Strengthening of Eye Banks in Government/Voluntary Sector.

4. Financial support to NGOs for strengthening their existing infrastructure for Eye care and providing recurring grant for Cataract surgery, School Eye Screening and Eye Donation.

5. Organizing Eye Donation Fortnight from 25th August to 8th September every year to promote eye donation.

6. Screening of School Children for detection of refractive errors and providing free spectacles to poor children.

7. Strengthening of Regional Institutes of Ophthalmology/eye departments of Medical Colleges by providing assistance for development of paediatric eye units/low vision units/retina units and training infrastructure.

8. Imparting training to Ophthalmic Surgeons from Government Hospitals/Medical Colleges for quality eye care.

9. Intensification of IEC activities to create awareness about eye care activities.

This information was given by the Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss in a reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Silent Sight Thief

Glaucoma has been nicknamed "the silent sight thief". Worldwide, it is the second leading cause of blindness. Glaucoma affects one in two hundred people aged fifty and younger and one in ten over the age of eighty.

Untreated glaucoma leads to permanent damage of the optic nerve and resultant visual field loss, which can progress to blindness.

A disease of the optic nerve, it involves loss of retinal ganglion cells in a characteristic pattern of optic neuropathy. Although raised intraocular pressure is a significant risk factor for developing glaucoma, there is no set threshold for intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. ........................

......................One person may develop nerve damage at a relatively low pressure, while another person may have high eye pressure for years and yet never develop damage.

Symptoms or signs of glaucoma are often absent in the earliest stages of the disease. Tragically, impaired vision is sometimes the first sign of glaucoma.There is no cure for glaucoma, but there are treatments for glaucoma, and they fall into two categories: medication and surgery. Both of these treatments for glaucoma manage the disease by lowering the intraocular pressure.

For more details click on the link given below.


courtesy : Deccan Herald, Bangalore 13-11-07

Monday, November 12, 2007

Koffee with Karan

Meet IDF's youngest Social Ambassador - Karan Dravid from Bangalore.

courtesy : The New Indian Express, Bangalore 12-11-07

Klick on the report to zoom Karan.

I am Stopping TB

WHO's Stop TB Partnership announces World TB Day Theme

Cape Town (PTI): A global campaign with the slogan 'I am Stopping TB' aimed at challenging people all over the world to participate in the anti-tuberculosis programmes has been announced by the World Health Organisation's Stop TB Partnership. The campaign will be launched early in 2008 in the run-up to World TB Day.

Plans for the campaign were announced by Stop TB Ambassador Anna Cataldi at the opening ceremony of the World Conference of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease here on Friday evening. World TB Day is held each year on March 24. "The slogan 'I am Stopping TB' says that everyone can take an active role in helping all people in need gain access to accurate TB diagnosis and effective treatment," Cataldi said.

"The challenge we are putting to people across the world is, 'What are you doing to stop TB?' Please join us in the fight," said Dr Marcos Espinal, Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership. There are nearly nine million new cases of TB worldwide and the disease kills more than 1.5 million people every year.

The Stop TB Partnership is a network of more than 500 international organisations hosted by the WHO and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

courtesy : The Hindu, 10/11/07 -

IDF is a partner of the
Stop TB Partnership

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Diwali at Sumanahalli

IDF team celebrated Diwali with the inmates of Sumanahalli Leprosy Centre, a society for Leprosy, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS at Magadi Road, Viswaneedam in Bangalore on Thursday the 8th Nov. 2007.

IDF team included the youngest IDF Ambassador Master Karan Dravid, Mr. Sai Prem, Miss Francila and Dr. S. Franklin who were received by Rev. Fr. Dr. George Kannanthanum.

Dr. S. Franklin, Area Manager, IDF greeted the inmates of the Centre while handing over dress materials to Rev. Fr. George for distribution to the patients of the Centre. Dr. Franklin appreciated the work of Sumanahalli in the areas of leprosy, TB and HIV/AIDS.

The team presented Diwali sweets to the inmates of the Centre. IDF’s young ambassador Master Karan Dravid talked to the patients and asked them to narrate their stories. He also recited Dr. Abdul Kalam’s poem 'Song of the Youth' much to the pleasure of the patients and the staff as well.

A bright glimpse of happiness could be seen on the faces of the inmates as Diwali festival was celebrated with them. The patients thanked IDF team for visiting them on the festive occasion and blessed the young Karan in his mission towards serving the needy.

Sumanahalli is taking care of 120 leprosy, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS victims. It has a textile unit, leather unit and a candle making unit towards the rehabilitation of the patients. Some of the able bodied patients are involved in gardening and other related tasks.

Rev. Fr. George and Rev. Sr. Suma from the Centre expressed their thanks for arranging such a meaningful event during the festive occasion and sharing happiness with their Centre inmates.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Diwali celebration with a difference

Indian Development Foundation in collaboration with Rotary Club of Mumbai North End celebrated Diwali Festival with the inmates of Vimala Centre at North Mumbai on Wednesday the 7 th Nov. 2007.

Leprosy patients deserve guidance and support from the public on a continued basis to enable them to overcome the stress caused by the disease and to get rehabilitated on new assignment after cure, observed Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President of IDF. The child patients deserve our care and attention in a far greater measure, he added.

Rotarian Satish Trivedi, President of Rotary Club of Mumbai North End said the child patients feel so elated when citizens meet them with sweets and sparklers. They feel that they have someone to look to and this feeling promotes confidence. Rotarian Trivedi quoted the Sisters of the Centre as Angels who takes care of the inmates in a beautiful manner. Interaction with patients gives excitement and boundless happiness, he expressed.

Rotarian Satish Trivedi presented a donation cheque from the Rotary Club to Indian Development Foundation for its health, education and development objectives. Rev. Sr. Bertilla Capra presented IDF memento of Appreciation to Rotarian Trivedi for the continued support to leprosy programmes.

Prof. P. Thangadurai, NSS Co-ordinator, Vivek College of Commerce – Rotarian Mr. Mohanbhai BhattMrs. Jaishree Sawla, IDF Supporter - Mr. S. B. Parate, Voluntary Officer, IDF – Mr. S. Karthick, Social Entrepreneur of IDF spoke about the spirit of Diwali Meet with leprosy patients. Meeting fellow humans in distress during festival time and sharing sweets with them brighten the lives of the giver as well as the patient, they said.

Citizens drawn from different walks of life wished the patients a Happy Diwali and speedy recovery. Flowers, fruits, sweets and eats were distributed to the patients and in addition the children received packets of sparklers. Citizens freely mixed with the patients, exchanged pleasantries and assured them of social support. A bright happiness was seen on the faces of the patients when citizens greeted them. Vimala Centre wore a festive look with decorations to mark the Diwali Festival.

Ravi and Sujatha from Vimala Centre expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Vimala Sisters for their care and concern towards the inmates. IDF Diwali celebrations indeed added more colour to their lives, they said with a smile.

Members of Rotary Club of Mumbai North End participated at the function and appreciated the progress achieved in the leprosy field and wished the patients well. Visitors from Italy led by Mr. Franco felt happy as they participated in the citizens' Diwali Meet.

Earlier Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, Co-ordinator, IDF welcomed the gathering while Rev. Sr. Bertilla Capra, Director of Vimala Centre proposed a vote of thanks.

For photographs please click the link in The website from Chicago.



Sunday, November 4, 2007

Citizens Diwali Meet

Dear Friends - Well-wishers - Supporters :

Greetings and good wishes for A Happy, Prosperous and Healthy DIWALI !

You are cordially invited to participate in the Diwali Celebrations programme with leprosy patients at Vimala Dermatological Centre , Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400061 on Wednesday the 7th November 2007 at 4.30 p.m.

Rotary Club of Mumbai North End and Indian Development Foundation are jointly organising this event .

Citizens' Diwali-Meet provides an opportunity for citizen's to meet and greet leprosy patients with flower, fruits, sweets and gifts, and wish them a Happy Diwali and speedy recovery. This interaction between the citizens and patients had drawn public appreciation during last twenty five years now.

Rotarian Mr. Satish Trivedi, President, Rotary Club of Mumbai North End and Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President of Indian Development Foundation will speak about the spirit of Diwali Meet at the function.

Rotarians, Principals and Teachers from various Schools and citizens from various groups are expected to take part in this event.

We request you to participate and share the joy of satisfaction.

Wishing you all a Happy Time and HAPPY DIWALI,

Remember : Wednesday - 07 Nov. 07 - 4:30 PM - Vimala Centre, Versova

IDF PR Division

Friday, October 5, 2007

Dr. Gandhi

IDF Social Ambassador and look-alike Mahatma Gandhiji, Dr. Sharad Nayampally has been given a very good coverage in the Maharashtra Times of 2nd October.

Log on to link for news :

Friday, September 28, 2007


IDF committed to develop India

India’s progress in leprosy eradication efforts has been spectacular and the participatory work by governmental and voluntary agencies is laudable, observed Dr. Moos in Mumbai on Friday. We are happy that the cherished dream of the Father of our nation for leprosy elimination has come true, she added.

Dr. (Mrs.) Meher Master Moos, President, Zoroastrian College was speaking as the Chief Guest of Indian Development Foundation’s (IDF) 23rd Foundation Day Function at Master Dinanath Mangeshkar Hall on 28th September 2007. She gave away IDF Grants to leprosy/ TB hospitals and projects in western region. IDF has earmarked Grants totaling Rs.46 lakhs to 83 health/ development projects all over India during the year. IDF Grants Release Function is an annual feature of Indian Development Foundation to share its resources with leprosy/ TB projects and promote self-reliance. Dr. Moos presented Awards to 28 Principals of Schools in Western zone with star performance record of leprosy awareness programmes and resource mobilisation and awarded Medals and certificates to 142 students for their signal contribution.

Prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial Award 2006-07 was presented to NEW HORIZON PUBLIC SCHOOL, Airoli, Navi Mumbai for outstanding health awareness, resource mobilisation and humanitarian service in the areas of leprosy/ TB work in Western India during 2006-07. The Schoolteam from New Horizon Public School headed by the Principal Mrs. Bulbul Sengupta and Vice Principal Mrs. Jyoti Nair received the Mother Teresa Memorial Award.

SOCIAL ACTION AWARDS 2006-07 were presented to Principals and Teachers from Western India for their excellent Social Responsibility during 2006-07.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President, Indian Development Foundation who presided over the function said the government and voluntary agencies worked hand in hand with admirable co-operation to achieve spectacular results by bringing down the number of leprosy patients in India from forty lakhs in 1982 to less than one lakh to the end of March 2007. Dr.Pillai thanked the public for their understanding and continued support. Sharing resources and serving others give greater joy and this will be the gospel for the future, Dr. Pillai added.

Dr. Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar World School and Dr.Dinesh Jain, Medical Co-ordinator, German Leprosy & TB Relief Association were Guests of Honour at the function. They complimented Indian Development Foundation’s role in India’s fight against leprosy/TB and for widening its activities to include health care, education and development.

New Horizon Public School, Airoli topped the list in resource mobilisation for leprosy/ TB while the second and third places went to Podar International School, Santacruz and Snehavardhak Mandal's Shaikshanik Trust, Talegaon respectively. Nitin N. Nair from Bal Vikas Vidyalaya, Talegaon topped the list of students in resource mobilisation for leprosy/ TB work while Smrthi Karthik and Vishwa S. Gangan from DAV International School, Mulund got second and third positions respectively.

People from all walks of life attended the well organised function. Earlier Dr. C.N.N.Nair, Trustee and Secretary of the Foundation welcomed and introduced the VIPs, while Dr. Sharad Nayampally, IDF Social Ambassador proposed a vote of thanks. Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, Co-ordinator, IDF compered at the function.

Students of G.M.E.S. High School, Vile Parle and St. Catherine's High School, Andheri (W) rendered the invocation prayer and national anthem.

For Public Relations Division, IDF

Saturday, September 22, 2007

IDF Events

The President and Trustees
Indian Development Foundation
(formerly Indian Leprosy Foundation)
cordially invite you and family to grace its various forthcoming events

28th September 2007 - IDF Foundation Day - Dinanath Mangeshkar Hall, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai 400 057 - 10 :30 AM

Chief Guest :
Dr. K. B. Kushal, Director, DAV Creative Education Centre

Guests of Honour :
Dr. Meher Master Moos, President, Zoroastrian College
Dr. Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar World School (IB)
Dr. Dinesh Jain, Medical Co-ordinator, German Leprosy & TB Relief Association

(IDF Grants to Western Region Leprosy/ TB/ Educational Projects - Honour to Schools and Students in Western India for excellent social responsibility work during 2006-07)

04th October 2007 - IDF Grants Release Function - Good Shepherd Mat. Hr. Sec. School, 32 College Road, Chennai 600 006 - 10:30 AM

Chief Guest :
Justice S. Jagadeesan, Former Judge, High Court of Madras

Guests of Honour :
Shri T. Jayaraj Devadas, Director, German Leprosy & TB Relief Association
Dr. C. B. Paul Chellakumar, Group Chairman, Campus Abroad
Dr. D. Andrews Deenabandhu, WHO State Co-ordinator (TN and Karnataka)
Shri V. Ganesh, CEO, Trax Academy, Chennai

(IDF Grants to TN/AP/Kerala States Leprosy/ TB/ Educational Projects - Honour to Schools and Students in TN/AP/Kerala states for excellent social responsibility work during 2006-07)

10th October 2007 - IDF Grants/ Awards Function - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Maharana Pratap Auditorium, Jaipur - 4:30 PM

Chief Guest :
His Excellency Shri S. K. Singh Ji, Governor of Rajasthan

Guests of Honour:
Shri P. D. Singh, Director, Tagore Group of Schools
Dr. K. L. Jain, Chairman, Jaipur Stock Exchange
Shri N. C. Lunayach, Managing Director, N.K. Shikshan Sansthan
Mrs. Mridul Bhasin, Chairperson, Muskan Foundation
Shri Upendra Kaushik, Principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram, Jaipur
Shri Suresh Kaul, President, Sarthak Manav Kushthashram

(IDF Grants to Northern/ Eastern Region Leprosy/ TB/ Educational Projects - Honour to Schools and Students in Northern India for excellent social responsibility work during 2006-07)

We look forward to your active participation in the IDF events.
IDF Grants are given out of donations received from the general public.
Please do come and share the joy of participation.

The function for Karnataka Region Projects/ Schools will be held during the first week of November at Bangalore.

IDF PR Division

Juhu Beach - Cleanliness Drive

POST GANPATI VISARJAN - 26th Sept. 07 : 9.00 AM

Dear Friends :

Greetings and good wishes !

Indian Development Foundation a leading national NGO committed to health, education and rural development, in collaboration with Podar International School , Santacruz (W) will be organizing JUHU BEACH – CLEANLINESS DRIVE on POST GANPATI VISARJAN (26th Sept. 07) starting from 9:00 AM.

About 500 students from Podar International School will take active part in the CLEANLINESS DRIVE as part of their social responsibility programme.

A large number of volunteers and social workers are expected to participate in this mega-drive. There are many volunteers from other schools who wish to join hands in this event. Also a couple of celebrities are likely to join to support the movement.

May we request your goodself to take active part in this event at 9:00 AM and help in Juhu Beach Cleanliness Drive .

Venue : Juhu Beach
Gathering place : South Side of Hotel Ramada Grove
Near Shivaji Statue, Juhu Tara Road
Date/Time : 26 th Sept. 07 (Wednesday) 9:00 AM

Lets join hands in this noble mission.

Looking forward to meeting you at Juhu Beach on 26th Sept.

Contact Persons :
Dr. Narayan B. Iyer 9819131388
Dr. Sharad Nayampally 9820505927
Sanjay Waghmare 20582097
Mrs. Shahina : 9820776985
Mrs. Sarala Gavane : 9869402346

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Teachers' Social Responsibility

Wow, a small computer looks like a toy. Does this toy functions like a bigger computer, asks 6 year old Jhanvi. I am very happy to see a laptop and the touch on keyboard is very smooth like butter, expresses Monika who along with 30 girls from Vimala Centre visited Podar International School campus located in Santacruz West, Mumbai.

Podar International School (IB) in collaboration with Indian Development Foundation organized a `Teach and Reach’ programme for the children of Vimala Dermatological Centre, a leprosy home in North Mumbai as part of Teachers’ Social Responsibility on 1st Sept. 2007.

`Teach and Reach’ programme was specially organized by the International Baccalaureate students from Podar International School to teach and reach-out children of Vimala Centre.

Starting with a multi-media presentation, the visiting children were given remote control and asked to answer general knowledge questions. Later every child was given exposure to laptop and its functions. The children were also taught how to type their names. “I felt very happy typing my name and my school’s name and then giving different colours to it”, said Vidya. Sujatha from Vimala Centre said “we are honoured by Podar School students and it is like getting a life time achievement award for us.”

The Director/Principal of Podar International School Dr. Vandana Lulla said it gives me immense pleasure to see that our students have played the role of teachers and taught the visiting children from Vimala Centre about computer and laptops. Every child of this modern world should be given an exposure to the technological updates. Vimala children are dear to me and I keep visiting the Centre and meet leprosy patients, Dr. Lulla said with a smile. The children still remember the song `Hum honge kaamyaab’ which I taught them during the New Year eve. When we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, schools should think of `Teachers’ Social Responsibility’. Teachers Day gives us an opportunity to come forward and do something for the society.

The President of Indian Development Foundation Dr. A.R.K. Pillai said we have always been in the forefront in bridging the gap of haves and have-nots. IDF is a national NGO networking with several thousand schools in India and this gives us an opportunity to bring children from various centres availing technological and academic updates. It is the need of the hour that every teacher should come forward towards empowerment of the children. Teachers’ Social Responsibility and Students’ Social Responsibility are the special terms coined by IDF in order to have a greater social action programmes, asserted Dr. Pillai.

IBDP student Sehar welcomed the guests and spoke about Teach and Reach programme, and it was explained in Hindi by Hitesh and Navdeep for the benefit of the visiting students.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator and Dr. Sharad Nayampally, Social Ambassador from IDF led the Vimala children and expressed happiness on the children getting such an international exposure.

Dr. Rinku Jain, Dental Surgeon was a Special Invitee for the programme who spoke on the importance of smiling and oral health to the children.

Mr. K. X. George, Academic Co-ordinator, Mrs. Prema Mathew, IBDP Co-ordinator, Mrs. Shahina Momin, PYP Co-ordinator and Mrs. Sarala Gavane, CAS Co-ordinator in collaboration with the students and teachers organized the entire event in a masterly manner.

Rev. Sr. Mary from Vimala Centre thanked Dr. Vandana Lulla and the Podar International School team for giving an opening to her children to the world of Windows. It will really create an impact on our children towards their further development, said Sr. Mary.

The programme ended with a cultural event depicting various teacher-student relationship for a better society. has also given a wide coverage of the event. For details klick the link.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Teach and Reach

Podar International School in collaboration with Indian Development Foundation will be organising `Teach and Reach' programme for the benefit of the children of Vimala Dermatological Centre, a leprosy home in North Mumbai on Saturday, the 1st September 2007 between 9:30 and 10:30 AM at Podar International School campus.

Podar World School teachers trained by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) will mark this event as Teachers' Day programme which falls a couple of days ahead. The children visiting from the Centre will be given a World Class exposure on teaching techniques as a part of the Teachers' Social Responsibility activity. The modern methods of learning in international school will be a great eye-opener to the underprivileged children of Vimala Centre.

The visiting children will be entertained by the Podar students on various themes of Teacher-student relationship.

Dr. Vandana Lulla, Director of Podar International School and her team will receive the Vimala Centre children and given them an insight into modern education.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, Founder President, Indian Development Foundation will lead the children of Vimala Dermatological Centre.

Join hands with IDF to serve the nation at large

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

India @ 60 - Tryst with Destiny

Celebrating 60 years of Independence

Indian Development Foundation and Sarthak Manav Kushthashram celebrated India's 60 years of independence day at various institutions in Jaipur.

Shri Suresh Kaul, President, Sarthak Manav Kushthashram led a team of people and greeted people and children in the following centres.

* Sarthak Manav School, Jhotwara, Jaipur
* Sarthak Manav Kushthashram, Galta Road, Jaipur
* Gandhi Kushthashram, Agra Road, Jaipur
* Navjeevan Kushthashram, Agra Road, Jaipur

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator, IDF led a team of supporters and visited the schools and the centres and wished the children on this auspicious day.

* Tilak Bal Gurukul, Langadiyawas, Ramgarh, Jaipur
* Tilak Bal Gurukul, Papad, Ramgarh, Jaipur
* Tilak Bal Gurukul, Nonpura, Ramgarh, Jaipur
* Ramgarh Re-integration Centre, Ramgarh, Jaipur
Shri Suresh Kaul and Dr. Narayan Iyer hoisted Indian National Flag at the respective centres and explained the children about the importance of the day. A spirit of patriotism and enthusiasm was imbibed among the children as they spoke to them.

Children and leprosy patients received sweets as they celebrated India @ 60.

Children at various centres and Schools had put up cultural events to make the function more colourful and lively.

The villagers appreciated the move of IDF and SMK in bringing education in their area and assured to protect the sanctity of institutions.
Hopes and aspirations that keep us on the move.