Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Podarites Participate in Anti-leprosy Programme

Podarites Participate in Anti-Leprosy Programme

The martyrdom day of Mahatma Gandhi (30th January) is observed as Anti-leprosy day throughout the world. It is also called “International Anti-leprosy day”. NGOs, international voluntary agencies and government machineries observe a week-long programme starting from 30th Jan. to 5th Feb. giving scientific information on leprosy to the masses and sensitising the public on the disease. Various activities in public places are organised for disseminating message on leprosy.

SOMETIME IN 1945, Prof. T. N. Jagadisan invited Mahatma Gandhi to inaugurate the Kasturba Kushta Nivaran Nilayam building in Tamil Nadu. Gandhiji wrote back, "Get someone to open it; opening a hospital is not a big matter, but I shall come to close it.'' By this Gandhiji meant that leprosy should be soon eliminated so that there won’t be any need for leprosy hospitals.

Mahatma Gandhi's cherished dream of a leprosy-eliminated India has come true. Thanks to the support of the various NGOs, national and international bodies along with the Government machinery, the number of leprosy cases has come down from 40 lakhs in 1982 to less than 1 lakh today. Since the Prevalance Rate has come down to less than 1 per 10,000 population in India, the govt. has declared that leprosy has been eliminated.

Leprosy is completely curable today. An air-borne disease caused by mycobacterium leprae, leprosy was a scourge to humanity and it had a lot of misconceptions. Leprosy is a socio-medical problem. Though the number of leprosy cases has come down, the stigma still prevails. A lot need to be done with regard to rehabilitation of persons affected with leprosy (PALs).
Indian Development Foundation (formerly Indian Leprosy Foundation) inaugurated the Anti-leprosy week at its Registered Office in Mumbai. IDF branches all over India will be conducting various events during the week i.e. from 30th Jan to 5th Feb.

As part of anti-leprosy week programme, around 200 students from Podar International School in Santacruz (W), Mumbai participated in the leprosy awareness campaign this morning (31/01/07). Students under the Community Activity Service Programme (CAS) from the International Baccalaureate stream visited a leprosy home in North Mumbai, Vimala Dermatological Centre at Versova and took active part in the social programme.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator of IDF gave scientific information on leprosy to the students and later an interactive session helped in clearing the doubts related to the disease. He said, students’ participation in leprosy elimination programmes needs to be written in the letters of gold.

Ms. Sarala, CAS Co-ordinator led the group of students from Podar International School and visited along with a couple of teachers.

Students visited the male and the female wards in the leprosy Centre, discussed with the patients and wished them a speedy recovery. Later the students also interacted with the children at the Centre and gave them a feeling of satisfaction by extending love and concern.

Podar International School has identified IDF projects for their CAS programmes and they will be visiting a couple of projects in Mumbai doing social work in their allocated hours.

IDF Public Relations Division (9819131388)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dr. ARK Pillai now figures on popular websites

After figuring on numerous news items, press reports, press releases etc for years, Dr. Pillai's name has now started appearing on numerous websites thanks to the change in technology and newer trends.

Recently one of the very popular webpages, featured Dr. ARK Pillai's name on a list of individuals from the Nair community who have become renowned figures in their lifetime. Dr. Pillai's name appears under the head Social Reforms and Services. The link is:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia also has a page that contains information on Dr. ARK Pillai.
The link is:

Public Relations Dept., IDF

St. Annes Award function

The Year was 2003. One of our support schools St. Annes in Saraswati Nagar, Jodhpur were awarded the Mother Teresa Award for best resource mobilisation in that year. It gives us pride to note that the school management have still kept the memory fresh by hosting it on their website.

Three cheers to St. Annes and IDF !!

Public Relations Dept., IDF

Leprosy not confined to poor alone

There is an overall decline in the number of leprosy patients in the country. Mumbai continues to be a concern, with over 6,000 patients and huge migrant population creating havoc. Proliferating slums is one of the biggest causes for the spread of leprosy. These are some of the observations made by NGO Hind Kushtha Nivaran Sangh, which has being working with the the Government of India on the leprosy issue. ...for full report read on the following link --

Monday, January 29, 2007

Quench your thirst

Quench your thirst
A young lad in Nonpura village in Ramgarh area in Jaipur quenching his thirst. Education to the poor villagers is in dire need.
Sarthak Manav Kushthashram, the partner project of IDF is going to come up with a new school project in this area. An Empowerment School Programme - `Tilak Bal Gurukul'.
Tilak Bal Gurukul is the brainchild of IDF which was started in Rajasthan villages to educate and empower the poor tribals/ villagers.
Photo by : Dr. Narayan B. Iyer
National Co-ordinator, IDF

Hope on the horizon

30th January is the martyrdom day of our Father of the Nation - Mahatma Gandhiji.

Mahatma Gandhi's cherished dream of a leprosy-eliminated India has come true. Thanks to the support of the various NGOs, national and international bodies along with the Government machinery, the number of leprosy cases has come down from 40 lakhs in 1982 to less than 1 lakh today.

IDF wishes to publish on this blog an article which appeared in The Hindu on 03-12-2001 written by Mrs. Geetha Padmanabhan.

Hope on the horizon

As president of the Indian Leprosy Foundation (ILEF), Dr. A.R.K.Pillai has been working towards cure and eradication of the disease for three decades. A profile.

SOMETIME IN 1945, Prof. T. N. Jagadisan invited Mahatma Gandhi to inaugurate the Kasturba Kushta Nilayam building. Gandhiji wrote back, "Get someone to open it; opening a hospital is not a big matter. But I shall come to close it.''

The Mahatma will be sorely missed at leprosy centres in Tamil Nadu after four years if the promise of Dr. A.R.K. Pillai, president, Indian Leprosy Foundation (ILEF) is fulfilled. From 7.33 lakh patients in 1982, detected leprosy cases have drastically decreased to just about 24,000 cases this year. And the doctor believes that leprosy will be `eliminated' in the State by 2005.
Equally gratifying for him is the change in the social attitude towards the patients proved by the fact that from zero voluntary reporting, the scenario has shifted to 70 per cent seeking a doctor's help for a patchy skin.

For complete view of the article published on The Hindu - Please click the link :

Let us pay our respects and tribute to the Father of the Nation.

IDF PR Division

IDF Ambassador in Bahrain

NGO appoints 'growth envoy'

THE Indian Development Foundation (IDF) in Mumbai has inducted Abraham Samuel as its ambassador in Bahrain.
Mr Samuel is a marketing manager with Fakhro Insurance Services in Manama.

A reception in honour of Mr Samuel was held at the IDF national office in Mumbai.

IDF is a national non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to health, education and development. It has a track record of 25 years of national service.
IDF has eight tribal schools and empowerment classes spread over India and 120 associate projects/hospitals connected with leprosy, TB, HIV/Aids, cancer and blindness.

Mr Samuel was inducted as IDF ambassador in Bahrain for promoting humanitarian services in India, said president Dr A R K Pillai.

"India's efforts for national development needs full support from every Indian living abroad," said Mr Samuel.

"I used to visit a couple of homes and distribute biscuits to poor people during my school days.

"I have a great passion for serving people during my spare time. These thoughts propelled me to take up this humanitarian work.

"I shall take up this advocacy for India's development as most of the Indians in Bahrain are sympathetic to such causes."

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Leprosy Awareness Programme

Leprosy awareness programme
Gremaltes Hospital, in association with Indian Development Foundation, is organising a weeklong awareness programme on leprosy and its effective tackling. The programme, to be held on January 30, is open for college students, trainee nurses and self-help group members. The programme includes exhibitions, orientations, interactive sessions, slide shows and film shows. An exhibition on leprosy will also be organised for the public at Nungambakkam Railway Station on January 27 between 8 a.m. and noon. Contact: 26443411.

courtesy: The Hindu, 25-Jan,2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Destination Karjat

Here are few glimpses of 'Destination Karjat' - a trip undertaken by Dr. Narayan and Karthick.S to meet Dr. Gadkari, Vice President, IDF

Trip Schedule --

5.00am - Tring Tring - Morning wake up alarm
6.30am - Dadar Station - Narayan & Karthick
6.50am - Boarded Intercity Express to Karjat
8.15am - Arrival at Karjat
8.30am - Shopping for fruits and sweets
9.00am - Meeting at IDF Office with Dr. Gadkari and Mr. Vaidya
11.00am - Boarded Train for return back to Mumbai
1.30pm - Back to Mumbai. Narayan and Karthick move in separate directions for meetings

This is just another trip for IDF's Team members. This is just an example of how time is managed at IDF. During the journey to and fro Karjat, both Narayan and Karthick discussed future plans, new ideas, student involved projects, staff training and a outbound picnic plan for the staff.

Thus, at the end of the day there was a satisfaction that the trip was enjoyable, time was well utilised and many work related issues were discussed.

Public Relations Dept., IDF, H.O

What can I give to my Nation?

His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the President of India exhorted the citizens of this country to come forward with this call "What can I give to my Nation?"

The politicians, the bureacrats, the local worthies and a host of others who matter, had laid down systems, some good and some not- so- good and these are not always people-friendly. We must add delay to this. Even if things are in your favour, it can be delayed for years! Therefore, we cannot keep quiet. We need to meet our relatives, neighbours, friends, those in the vicinity and in fact all those with whom we can have access. We need to remind them "What can I give to my Nation? " This is the focus on hand.

People get confused, not knowing what to do and where to start. This is genuine, because we have not been accustomed to do so!

If you start with a focus on Health, Education and Tribal/Rural Development, here is a ready-made solution !

Indian Development Foundation -IDF- for short is a leading National NGO with 25 years of excellent track record of national service with focus on health, Education for the poor and Development of rural and tribal areas. IDF has the expertise and willingness to share their experience with any citizen who has this question "What can I give to my Nation?"

IDF has a variety of packages of national service tailored to suit the tastes, inclinations and goodwill of everyone. That's why more and more people come to IDF !

Try this new experience, India needs your participation. We must always think and rethink in our minds "What can I give to my Nation?" The answer comes up easily after contacting IDF
" I have something to give to my Nation! " Give yourself this excitement and feel the difference!

Call up IDF and share your thoughts. You have the convenience to manage things in your leisure time. You can initiate National Development, no matter if you have no previous experience!
Why postpone goodness in life?

How do I contact IDF? Simple !!

Call up Dr.Narayan- National Co-ordinator -Cell 9819 13 13 88
S.Karthick- MBA Student and IDF Social Entrepreneur- Cell9892678916
Dr.A.R.K.Pillai, President IDF -Cell 982 00 97 905

You are welcome to visit our website :

IDF's warm gesture towards fellow Indians

The month was December, the breeze was biting cold and
the place was North of India. IDF's beloved inmates of the Sarthak Manav Kusthashram in Rajasthan were bearing the brunt of the bad weather until Dr. Narayan Iyer, National Coordinator took on the responsibility of providing them warmth. As Dr. Narayan was himself stationed in Rajasthan, he could see the plight of the weak bodied inmates due to below normal, unbearable cold winds.

Immediately, Dr. Narayan picked up the phone and called up two of his colleagues back in the IDF Head office in Mumbai. Dr. ARK Pillai, President and Mr. Karthick.S, Social Entrepreneur together initiated a small meeting with Team-IDF in Mumbai and chalked out a strategy to tackle the matter with lightning speed. Ms. Sindhu Narayan, one of IDF's Senior Team Members came up with a bright idea of putting up a request on the Online NGO Platform Ideas, big or small, are always welcome at IDF. The idea was immediately put into action. Within a couple of days, thanks to the large network of Karmayog, IDF got numerous responses. The responses were then positively followed and the result was 150 winter blankets!!

The 150 blankets came as a blessing, but it still didnt suffice. Soon, Mr. karthick, IDF's man friday, took on the responsibility of sourcing more winter clothing for their inmates. He remembered that he had once met a gentleman, Mr. Vijay Jindal, a garment exporter, who had called on him for seeking advice for his son's studies. One phone call, a short conversation, and IDF had more blessings than they could have ever asked for. Brand new, 250 Winter Jackets and 250 full sleeve T-shirts were made available within 48 hours at the Jaipur office. If this was not enough, the Mumbai office saw the entry of 500 brand new GAP T-shirts of various sizes and colors. IDF's strong Team players Mr. Baasha, Chief Chauffeur and Mr. Sanjay Waghmare, Senior Team Member led by Karthick were involved in 'Operation Clothing'

The inmates today must be feeling the warmth not only by the clothes/blankets they have received but also by the affection and love displayed by, Shri Vijay Jindal, SPL Limited, Faridabad and the entire Team at IDF.

Cheers to IDF! Keep up the good work.

Public Relations Dept., IDF, H.O

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Powerful Photograph !!

I was in receipt of the adjoining Sudan Famine Photograph today from Dr. ARK Pillai, President, IDF and almost immediately it brought tears to my eyes. I fail to understand, why the Photographer instead of walking away, and leaving the child to die, didn't carry the child to the nearest food camp. This is indeed a mystery and could be answered only by him and unfortunately he himeself is no more.

It is foolishness for him to have put an end to his life by committing a suicide, instead of going ahead and working towards the cause of the people in famine stricken areas. If thats the solution, many of us Indians will have to commit suicides every day after seeing the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters even after so many years of independence. Earlier we were slaves to the British regime, today, we are slaves to selfishness and greed. Empathy and Sympathy will no longer exist in the dictionary a few years from now and they will be words used ocassionaly for decoration of some essay or speech.

I hope things will change for the better. I have taken this one step, at the age of 24 to try and do my bit towards the development of the Not So privileged and the differently abled. I still feel as a late entrant. We need to cultivate and kindle social enthusiasm in the minds of the little ones. This requires massive efforts from various NGO's, Social Service Organisations and the public at large. Without doing so, there is simply no use in the media hype created by publicising flowery words such as India Shining or India Poised.

The current generation, the YOUTH needs to get up from its comfort zone. We must learn to walk the talk. Mere talking won't take us anywhere !!

This could be taken as an appeal to all our friends from the Student Community to come forth and participate in creating a New India, the India we always dreamt of !!
-- Karthick.Sridhar, MBA Student & Social Entrepreneur, IDF
Handphone: +919892678916

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Podar World School ties up with IDF for social work

Podar World School has tied up with Indian Development Foundation (IDF) for Community Activity Services (CAS) for students pursuing International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) from the current academic year, observed Mrs. Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar World School in Mumbai on Wednesday. Social service during the student days is a great value addition and this must be promoted at the tender age, Mrs. Lulla added.

Mrs. Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar World School was interacting with IDF team at the Podar School this morning (Wed-24-01-07). Podar students have the facility of acquiring world class education standards through well-known international academic bodies. Social activities will enhance their overall acceptability for absorption into a wide-range of career opportunities. The socio-development programme with IDF starts from the current academic year.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President, IDF along with Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator, IDF and Mr. S. Karthick, Social Entrepreneur, IDF called on Mrs. Vandana Lulla at her office. Mr. Nicholas Correa, Principal, New Horizon Public School, Navi Mumbai, also present in the discussion appreciated the move taken by Mrs. Lulla for kindling social enthusiasm among the students of modern generation.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Empowerment is better than Entertainment

Empowerment is better than Entertainment

If you sow mango seed, you get mangoes and if you sow apple seed, you get apples. Why not we sow success seeds and derive success, said Dr. Narayan B. Iyer at the Students’ Empowerment programme. In addition to sowing success seeds, we too need to nurture it for getting better results, Dr. Iyer added.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, Co-ordinator of Indian Development Foundation was speaking at the Students’ Empowerment programme organized for about 300 students of 11th standard from Vivek Vidyalaya & Jr.College at Goregaon on 4th Jan. 07. It is high time the youth of India develop them to match the international standards. If the students are not developed during their youth, they may get lost in the crowd once they are out of the college. A proper blueprint needs to be designed for attaining the desired goals in life. Of course there is mismatch between the actuals and the expectations, but preparing a goalsheet at young age will certainly help them in reaching the pinnacles.

Dr. Iyer was empowering the students on the line of personality development and career building. Students need to realize the importance of education before it is too late. It is better not to travel till the dead-end of the road but to learn from others experiences. It is better to have role models in life and work on the path of development.

IDF has been conducting empowerment programmes in various schools and colleges in India for the benefit of students.

Meet Akshata Khanolkar and Sarita Prajapati the two vibrant students of the College who spoke extempore at the Empowerment Programme.

My aim is to become an IAS officer and serve the country, said Akshata with a smile. I like to speak at public gathering as I do not have any stage fright. My parents taught me the tricks of speaking and encouraged me to speak from my childhood days. Hailing from Sawantwadi the 16 year old Commerce student, Akshata did her schooling from St. Thomas Academy in Goregaon. Sister Sebastian was my Principal who prompted me to take part in all competitions. Students should not be bookish in their approach, but they should also keep themselves updated on various current affairs. Times of India paper is dear to my heart and I started reading it from my 1st standard. Students should read more and build their knowledge bank.

I would like to go for journalism and ventilate various issues of development through the media, says Sarita Prajapati who opted for Arts. Of course I have also kept an option of becoming teacher. Let’s see how I fair in my further studies. I am confident of achieving something big as my aims are always high. I am more impressed by the empowerment programme of IDF and wish such programmes are offered to the youth for their development. Empowerment is better than entertainment, says confident Sarita. Doing her 10th from MTS Khalsa High School in Goregaon, Sarita was very good in extra curricular activities. I understand the problems of education to a girl child as I hail from UP. My parents have high aim that I will become somebody in life. We need to develop ourselves then only we can develop India.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President of Indian Development Foundation was also present during the conversation with the young girls. He felt happy that such students are the future of our country who will take the mantle of development. Mr. Suresh Nair, Principal of Vivek Vidyalaya & Jr. College appreciated the efforts of IDF in the path of empowering the students. Mr. Nair said such empowerment programmes will open up minds of the youth and lead them to the gateway of success. Professors from the Junior College who participated in the programme, appreciated the efforts of IDF.

Incidentally, Dr. Narayan Iyer is the ex-student of Vivek College who after completing his graduation did his Masters in Commerce and Masters in Sociology. He did his doctorate on Village Development work. Dr. Narayan joined the social movement when he was in 11th standard and now he is the national co-ordinator of IDF.

Indian Development Foundation would like to offer its services to the youth in the country by conducting several Empowerment Classes and ignite the young minds towards development. Schools & Colleges may approach IDF for organizing Empowerment Programmes. Dr. Narayan B. Iyer may be contacted on 9819131388 – The Address of IDF is L 10/ 3 & 4 Jal Ratan Deep, Bangur Nagar, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 400 104, Tel : 022 – 28762008/ 2876 3008.

Free Blanket Distribution to Leprosy Patients

Leprosy patients in Bihar , Orissa and Rajasthan received a good number of blankets, jackets and T shirts to beat the extreme cold in the northern India. Indian Development Foundation anchored this Samaritan offer thanks to benevolent donors.

Indian Development Foundation-IDF- for short received a few frantic calls from leading NGOs in Bihar, Orissa and Rajasthan seeking immediate supply of blankets and warm clothings for the benefit of leprosy and TB patients located in Bihar, Orissa and Rajasthan. IDF mounted a massive effort to contact prospective donors seeking their immediate response. The response was indeed overwhelming.

In addition to making a few calls to known agencies, IDF placed the distress call through Karmayog and through IDF Ambassadors spread out in the country. Quite a few people responded to Karmayog call and offered their assistance.

Prominent among the donors included: Mr. Jindal from SPL Limited, Faridabad - Ms. Pooja Taparia from Arpan Foundation (Sanskruti Foundation), Mumbai and Mr. Shantilal Gada through Smt. Kamaal Maa, Mumbai. IDF Thanks them all.

We requested the donors to send the materials directly to our Northern Partner Project, Sarthank Manav Kushthashram, Jaipur, so hat they could take materials for Rajasthan and then send the balance to Bihar and Orissa. Some had sent the supplies to Mumbai as it was convenient for them to do so.

Here is an example of how help could be rushed to the poor and the suffering through the benevolence of good-natured Samaritans. Internet is a great tool to manage this with speed and efficiency.

Let noble thoughts come to us from everyside.

Good wishes,

Dr. Narayan Iyer, National Co-ordinator, IDF

IDF Members gets doctorate

Here is some good news:

Our Trustee/Secretary Mr.CNN Nair, ex General Manager of VSNL and a prolific writer in English, Sanskrit and Malayalam and Mr.S.Franklin, Area Manager, Karnataka Region have been awarded Doctoral Degree of Ph.D. at the Convocation Ceremony of the International University for Complementary Medicines during the World Congress held at the Russian Cultural Centre Mumbai on 21st Jan 2007.

Dr.Nair and Dr.Franklin will add further empowerment to IDF programmes in future with this enrichment.

Please be good enough to tell all our friends and wish both the candidates good luck. Your words of support will be received well by all of us.

We praise God Almighty for his blessings.

Warm regards,

Dr.ARK Pillai

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Indian Development Foundation is a leading national NGO committed to Health, Education and Development. Formerly known as Indian Leprosy Foundation, we started our national work in leprosy eradication programme during 1984. Massive nation-wide health awareness programme for over two decades has helped in reaching the goal of leprosy elimination. We have rechristened ourselves as Indian Development Foundation (IDF) and diversified our roles with enlarged objectives for a nation building programme.

IDF’s Mission - Health, Education and Development.
IDF’s Vision – A developed India of our dreams !
You are most welcome to participate and sublime your life