Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A New Eleven for BLP

BLP has a new Team

Bombay Leprosy Project, a pioneer NGO involved in research and treatment of Leprosy/ TB has a new team with Dr.V.V.Pai as the Director-cum-Secretary. Dr. R. Ganapati, the well-known Leprologist has relinquished his position on health grounds. The Managing Committee of BLP give the status of Director Emerits to Dr. Ganapati who will devlte his time to scientific research and advice on the affairs of Bombay Leprosy Project.

Dr. Vivek V. Pai, Additional Director of BLP till now, has over two decades of experience in research and management of leprosy and TB. He has a competent team of medical and para medical team as support base.

Dr.A.R.K.Pillai is the new President of BLP. Dr.S.S.Narvekar formerly the Additional Director of Health Services, Govt. of Maharashtra is the Vice President and Dr.N.G.Nagpur, Senior Dermatologist is the Treasurer.

The members include - Dr R.G. Valia, Mr A.P. Deshpande, Mr G.L. Govil, Mr Bharat Goyal, Dr V.H. Jadhav, Dr Dinesh Jain, Dr Aparna Santhanam

The new team is fully set to serve suffering humanity with enthusiasm.

Situated at Chunabhatti, Bombay Leprosy Project is one of the project of Indian Development Foundation dedicated to leprosy and TB patients in Mumbai.
IDF wishes BLP eleven good luck for all its endeavours.
IDF PR Division

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