Tuesday, February 6, 2007

DAV Airoli supports IDF

DAV Airoli supports IDF

The students from DAV Public School at Airoli in Navi Mumbai received vital health messages from the IDF team this morning.

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) has been organising various health awareness programmes in Schools and colleges disseminating facts on leprosy and Tuberculosis. It was the turn of DAV Public School at Airoli today as part of the ongoing anti-leprosy fortnight 2007 which commenced on 30th Jan.

Dr. A. R. K. Pillai, President, IDF addressed the students on scientific facts about leprosy. Any one, rich or poor, male or female and young or old, can get leprosy. Leprosy is not confined to poor alone, said Dr. Pillai. It is our duty to get ourselves informed on such diseases and IDF has been in the forefront creating mass awareness on leprosy and Tuberculosis. Early detection will help in early cure. Dr. Pillai said, both leprosy and TB are curable diseases, voluntary reportings and early treatments are the key to a healthy life, he added.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer , National Co-ordinator of IDF replied to the volley of questions raised by enthusiastic students during the interactive session. Except for an animal found in South America by name Armidillo, only human beings get leprosy, was the reply given to Prathamesh's querry. There came a question from Sanjana, why then the doctors who are treating leprosy do not get leprosy. Dr. Iyer replied, leprosy is one of the least infectious diseases and patients under treatment cannot transmit the disease to others. Also leprosy is not hereditary i.e., a child born to a leprosy patient may not have leprosy at the time of birth.

DAV students identified themselves by expressing their wholehearted support to the national programmes undertaken IDF.

Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Principal of DAV Public School said his students are proactive in taking up social causes. It is the philosophy of DAV schools to prepare the students for a well rounded and positive attitude towards humanitarian causes. Mr.Gupta was all praise for the ongoing programmes of IDF and expressed his desire to participate in nation building activities within the time available. Only sustained efforts can bring in desired results and it is our need to develop India as fast as possible, Mr.Gupta added.

DAV Institutions' have been in the forefront of helping social programmes in India and joining hands with IDF will only strengthen the developmental efforts of our country, Mr. Gupta expressed with a smile.

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