Friday, January 26, 2007

What can I give to my Nation?

His Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the President of India exhorted the citizens of this country to come forward with this call "What can I give to my Nation?"

The politicians, the bureacrats, the local worthies and a host of others who matter, had laid down systems, some good and some not- so- good and these are not always people-friendly. We must add delay to this. Even if things are in your favour, it can be delayed for years! Therefore, we cannot keep quiet. We need to meet our relatives, neighbours, friends, those in the vicinity and in fact all those with whom we can have access. We need to remind them "What can I give to my Nation? " This is the focus on hand.

People get confused, not knowing what to do and where to start. This is genuine, because we have not been accustomed to do so!

If you start with a focus on Health, Education and Tribal/Rural Development, here is a ready-made solution !

Indian Development Foundation -IDF- for short is a leading National NGO with 25 years of excellent track record of national service with focus on health, Education for the poor and Development of rural and tribal areas. IDF has the expertise and willingness to share their experience with any citizen who has this question "What can I give to my Nation?"

IDF has a variety of packages of national service tailored to suit the tastes, inclinations and goodwill of everyone. That's why more and more people come to IDF !

Try this new experience, India needs your participation. We must always think and rethink in our minds "What can I give to my Nation?" The answer comes up easily after contacting IDF
" I have something to give to my Nation! " Give yourself this excitement and feel the difference!

Call up IDF and share your thoughts. You have the convenience to manage things in your leisure time. You can initiate National Development, no matter if you have no previous experience!
Why postpone goodness in life?

How do I contact IDF? Simple !!

Call up Dr.Narayan- National Co-ordinator -Cell 9819 13 13 88
S.Karthick- MBA Student and IDF Social Entrepreneur- Cell9892678916
Dr.A.R.K.Pillai, President IDF -Cell 982 00 97 905

You are welcome to visit our website :

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Karthick said...

What can I give to my Nation? - is an excellent question IDF must the Youth of our Country today. The Youth must get up from its deep slumber and march ahead with full force. Together we must create a new India that we always dreamt of!