Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Powerful Photograph !!

I was in receipt of the adjoining Sudan Famine Photograph today from Dr. ARK Pillai, President, IDF and almost immediately it brought tears to my eyes. I fail to understand, why the Photographer instead of walking away, and leaving the child to die, didn't carry the child to the nearest food camp. This is indeed a mystery and could be answered only by him and unfortunately he himeself is no more.

It is foolishness for him to have put an end to his life by committing a suicide, instead of going ahead and working towards the cause of the people in famine stricken areas. If thats the solution, many of us Indians will have to commit suicides every day after seeing the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters even after so many years of independence. Earlier we were slaves to the British regime, today, we are slaves to selfishness and greed. Empathy and Sympathy will no longer exist in the dictionary a few years from now and they will be words used ocassionaly for decoration of some essay or speech.

I hope things will change for the better. I have taken this one step, at the age of 24 to try and do my bit towards the development of the Not So privileged and the differently abled. I still feel as a late entrant. We need to cultivate and kindle social enthusiasm in the minds of the little ones. This requires massive efforts from various NGO's, Social Service Organisations and the public at large. Without doing so, there is simply no use in the media hype created by publicising flowery words such as India Shining or India Poised.

The current generation, the YOUTH needs to get up from its comfort zone. We must learn to walk the talk. Mere talking won't take us anywhere !!

This could be taken as an appeal to all our friends from the Student Community to come forth and participate in creating a New India, the India we always dreamt of !!
-- Karthick.Sridhar, MBA Student & Social Entrepreneur, IDF
Handphone: +919892678916

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