Monday, January 29, 2007

IDF Ambassador in Bahrain

NGO appoints 'growth envoy'

THE Indian Development Foundation (IDF) in Mumbai has inducted Abraham Samuel as its ambassador in Bahrain.
Mr Samuel is a marketing manager with Fakhro Insurance Services in Manama.

A reception in honour of Mr Samuel was held at the IDF national office in Mumbai.

IDF is a national non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to health, education and development. It has a track record of 25 years of national service.
IDF has eight tribal schools and empowerment classes spread over India and 120 associate projects/hospitals connected with leprosy, TB, HIV/Aids, cancer and blindness.

Mr Samuel was inducted as IDF ambassador in Bahrain for promoting humanitarian services in India, said president Dr A R K Pillai.

"India's efforts for national development needs full support from every Indian living abroad," said Mr Samuel.

"I used to visit a couple of homes and distribute biscuits to poor people during my school days.

"I have a great passion for serving people during my spare time. These thoughts propelled me to take up this humanitarian work.

"I shall take up this advocacy for India's development as most of the Indians in Bahrain are sympathetic to such causes."

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