Friday, January 26, 2007

IDF's warm gesture towards fellow Indians

The month was December, the breeze was biting cold and
the place was North of India. IDF's beloved inmates of the Sarthak Manav Kusthashram in Rajasthan were bearing the brunt of the bad weather until Dr. Narayan Iyer, National Coordinator took on the responsibility of providing them warmth. As Dr. Narayan was himself stationed in Rajasthan, he could see the plight of the weak bodied inmates due to below normal, unbearable cold winds.

Immediately, Dr. Narayan picked up the phone and called up two of his colleagues back in the IDF Head office in Mumbai. Dr. ARK Pillai, President and Mr. Karthick.S, Social Entrepreneur together initiated a small meeting with Team-IDF in Mumbai and chalked out a strategy to tackle the matter with lightning speed. Ms. Sindhu Narayan, one of IDF's Senior Team Members came up with a bright idea of putting up a request on the Online NGO Platform Ideas, big or small, are always welcome at IDF. The idea was immediately put into action. Within a couple of days, thanks to the large network of Karmayog, IDF got numerous responses. The responses were then positively followed and the result was 150 winter blankets!!

The 150 blankets came as a blessing, but it still didnt suffice. Soon, Mr. karthick, IDF's man friday, took on the responsibility of sourcing more winter clothing for their inmates. He remembered that he had once met a gentleman, Mr. Vijay Jindal, a garment exporter, who had called on him for seeking advice for his son's studies. One phone call, a short conversation, and IDF had more blessings than they could have ever asked for. Brand new, 250 Winter Jackets and 250 full sleeve T-shirts were made available within 48 hours at the Jaipur office. If this was not enough, the Mumbai office saw the entry of 500 brand new GAP T-shirts of various sizes and colors. IDF's strong Team players Mr. Baasha, Chief Chauffeur and Mr. Sanjay Waghmare, Senior Team Member led by Karthick were involved in 'Operation Clothing'

The inmates today must be feeling the warmth not only by the clothes/blankets they have received but also by the affection and love displayed by, Shri Vijay Jindal, SPL Limited, Faridabad and the entire Team at IDF.

Cheers to IDF! Keep up the good work.

Public Relations Dept., IDF, H.O

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