Friday, January 26, 2007

Destination Karjat

Here are few glimpses of 'Destination Karjat' - a trip undertaken by Dr. Narayan and Karthick.S to meet Dr. Gadkari, Vice President, IDF

Trip Schedule --

5.00am - Tring Tring - Morning wake up alarm
6.30am - Dadar Station - Narayan & Karthick
6.50am - Boarded Intercity Express to Karjat
8.15am - Arrival at Karjat
8.30am - Shopping for fruits and sweets
9.00am - Meeting at IDF Office with Dr. Gadkari and Mr. Vaidya
11.00am - Boarded Train for return back to Mumbai
1.30pm - Back to Mumbai. Narayan and Karthick move in separate directions for meetings

This is just another trip for IDF's Team members. This is just an example of how time is managed at IDF. During the journey to and fro Karjat, both Narayan and Karthick discussed future plans, new ideas, student involved projects, staff training and a outbound picnic plan for the staff.

Thus, at the end of the day there was a satisfaction that the trip was enjoyable, time was well utilised and many work related issues were discussed.

Public Relations Dept., IDF, H.O

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