Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Fun-Gama- Drawing Competition for children, Mumbai.

Every year Indian DevelopmentFoundation hosts a Summer Fun-Gama event for children. Summer Fun-Gama includes competitions ranging from Dance, Drawing, Singing, Quiz, etc. This summer of 2013, Summer Fun-Gama hosted a Drawing Competition for children in Versova, Mumbai on 1st June, 2013.
The Drawing Competition took place for children of 6-12 age group. The theme of the competition was “World's Environment Day”, which is on 5th June, 2013.

The competition was to started at 11:00 am. In total 21 children painted for the event. The children were first introduced to why the competition was taking place, and then were provided with papers and the required stationary for the competition. They were given One-Hour to put their ideas about world environment day on paper and also to colour it. Every child was creative in their thinking. Apart from the typical mountains and sun, children drew the Planet Earth; some drew the Earth in Danger; and one child drew the two-sides of the planet- the green and the polluted. In an hour’s time, everyone managed to draw and colour their best ideas onto the paper. Then, the children were given refreshments- Frootis and Chips, which they sat and had, until the results were announced.

Everyone’s work was unique. Sitting down and judging which drawing was the best, was a very difficult task. The students were divided into two age categories for Prize Distribution: 6-8 years and 9-12 years. The students were judged on parameters viz; how good the drawing is, how a student manage to show their concept on the sheet of paper. Usage & combination of colours. The winners of the competition were given prizes as per their age categories. All the students were awarded with a participation certificate and a bar of chocolate for the work and creativity. IDF badges were given to the parents who came along with their child to support the event. The event was enjoyed by all- children, parents and the host.The event was managed by the IDF Intern Ms. Rimsha Minocha...

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