Saturday, June 22, 2013

Prof. Rajesh Adkar pledges to develop weaker student.

Prof. Rajesh Adkar, Social Ambassador of Indian Development Foundation (IDF) pledged to teach weaker students of St. Thomas Marthoma School, Pathanwadi. He is a maths graduate and a teacher since 1994. Being a teacher, he thought of helping the weaker students from the school 

Indian Development Foundation introduced him to St. Thomas Marthoma School and immediately he chalked an assignment with the principal Madam Dias for teaching the students from X standard. He would be teaching Maths which includes Algebra and Geometry. 

It was also his Birthday and he distributed Chocolates among the students. Prof. Adkar said, "Being a Teacher this is the best I can do for the society". IDF & St. Thomas Marthoma School salutes Prof. Rajesh Adkar for his efforts for the development of the Students!!!


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