Sunday, June 30, 2013

Student Sensitization Programme - Kasturba Gandhi Trust Bal Gurukul.

Indian Development Foundation conducts Student Sensitization Programme @  Kasturba Gandhi Trust Bal Gurukul with a view to enlighten children for a better tommorow.  The children of today are the future of tomorrow; with this powerful statement comes the responsibility to mold and shape our children in order to create the best possible future for everyone.

Very few people in this world are fortunate enough to gift others fellow human beings a moment of happiness. Sometimes, we find great pleasure in such gestures, which result in a stranger being happy for what we have done.
A society moves forward when its women and children are happy, for it is their happiness that brings peace and harmony to the society. 

In this fast paced world, one might not always find time to personally get involved in a service activity, which needs a huge investment of time and hard work, but it is a very noble gesture to get involved in whatever way possible.
It is very nice to see the children from Secunderabad Public School getting involved in this noble cause of helping these people.  

Apart from spending time and interacting with the children, bought  some provisions which are given below:Rice   -  125kg
Dal  -  33kg
Red Dal  -  2kg 300 gr
Pesarapappu  -  1kg 500g
Menapappu   -  2kg 500g
Pachhi Senagapappu  - 500g
Bhatani  - 250g and ice cream powder and
Upma ravva 150g and  Pallilu  100g.

IDF is a Knowledge/ Execution Partner of Schools, Corporates, and Government agencies for development programmes across India. 
IDF involves lakhs of students and citizens for leprosy/ TB awareness-cum-resource mobilization.  The School Teams have their pride of place.  IDF has given opportunity to every citizen to participate in this national humanitarian effort.

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