Saturday, June 15, 2013

CHANGES FOR CHANGE to inculcate joy of giving


Muskaan, IDF young social ambassador celebrated her birthday 15-06-2013. As a return gift to her friends who participated in the celebration, Muskaan selected IDF's Piggy Banks to be gifted to her friends. IDF launched a programme `CHANGES FOR CHANGE' a Piggy Bank concept to inculcate `joy of giving' among young minds and families. Muskaan felt extremely happy to distribute IDF Piggy Banks to all her friends and requested them to contribute coins for education cause. 

The contributions received under "CHANGES FOR CHANGE" will be utilized for IDF Bal Gurukuls in different parts of India. Muskaan has set an excellent example for many others to emulate and spread smiles all around. While we convey our best wishes and greetings to dear Muskaan, we also thank her parents for the support extended to her. Our special thanks Mrs. Rekha Bajaj, IDF Education Ambassador for introducing the project among young minds.

Those desirous of having an IDF Piggy Bank at your home or distribute it as gifts to your friends/ families may write to us at

IDF has over 120 Bal Gurukuls spread across India. Every coin counts...

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