Wednesday, August 1, 2012

IDF launches yet another BAL GURUKUL at Masulia Block, Kusumghatta Gram, Dumka District of Jharkhand on 1st Aug. 2012.

TILAK BAL GURUKUL at Dumka Dist, Jharkhand will be the 85 Bal Gurukul of IDF. 

Tilak's famous quote `Swaraj is my birthright'..... IDF famous quote `Education is my birthright'...... It is 7 years that IDF started its 1st Bal Gurukul in the memory of Tilak on 1st August 2005 in Langadiyawas village in Ramgarh region of Jaipur and named it as `TILAK BAL GURUKUL !!! The journey of IDF BAL GURUKUL which started with a few students in a remote village has now touched 85 numbers with over 5000 students.

IDF will soon hit the 100-mark soon. We thank you for your kind support and blessings.

You support, we do the rest !!!

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