Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vibgyor High visits Old age Home Assisi Bhavan

Students of Grade 9 of Vibgyor High visits Old age Home Assisi Bhavan.

Students of Grade 9 of Vibgyor High visited the Old age Home Assisi Bhavan Goregaon (E). The visit sensitized all the students and provided them with an endeared moment to cherish as the students sang, danced and crack jokes with the senior citizens.
The students shared their experience and said;

All of us-students had gone to Assisi Bhavan with an aim to brighten a day of the elderly, who we thought lead a sad life but we were proven wrong! These people were very happy and lively. Instead, they cheered us up with their positive attitude towards life.  They showered us with love, belongingness and unlimited energy.
Khushbu Bhatt- 9A

Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I exited the Assisi Bhavan, home to about a hundred old people. I cried not because I was sympathetic towards them, but because I saw ladies 80-90 year old in their merriest mood, despite all the difficulties that they had faced in life. I admired these people who were older than me but more energetic and happier.  This visit taught me a lesson: Live life to its fullest.

It was 26 July 2012, when my fellow classmates and I went on a field trip to the ASSISI Bhavan Old Age Home. It was a touching experience. We put up an entertainment programme which was greatly appreciated by all the inmates.  We were privileged to receive their blessings and love. This trip has taught us two important lessons:
1.            Live life to the fullest.
2.            Always respect you elders.

We are grateful to our school for giving us such a wonderful and enriching experience.  We will cherish the memory of our visit to ASSISI Bhavan forever.
Karan Thakkar-9C

It was one of the best field trips ever!  The most touching, emotional and fun trip of my life.  Seeing the grannies display their various talents touched every ones hearts and left us wondrous. I will cherish this memory throughout my life.
Tanay Chothani-9C

Our visit to ASSISI Bhavan Old Age Home filed me with immense respect for elders. As I saw them dance and play, their saying flashed in my mind, that  “In the end its not going to matter how many breaths you took but how many moments took your breath away.”
Preyank Sethi-9C

The trip to Assisi Bhavan was an enriching experience. We gained values like, service, solidarity, dedication and love for all. It was an endearing moment to see the undaunting spirit of the elderly. ‘Human spirit never fails’ is the lesson that I learnt as I departed from Assisi Bhavan with memories to cherish forever!!!
Pratik Kutty9-C

As I went to the Old Age home, I was overwhelmed by their spirit of not giving up.  I have started loving and valuing my parents more from the day I have visited the place.

I experienced their happiness, courage that pulled them so far on their own.

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