Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miracles happen.....

The Holy Bible says" As a man THINKETH, so is he". Thoughts have invisible powers.  Things happen by Divine Grace 

Do  Miracles happen? Yes, Miracles do happen by Divine Grace! Read this incredible story!

Here is a true life story of  July 2012 ! 

July 2012 -First week brought a group of Principals of schools of Malwani slum to IDF office and they recounted the problems faced by students in not having proper benches and desks - tables and chairs for teachers. The requirements were so large that we in IDF were quite baffled. In just one school itself, the requirement of benches and desks were costing a fortune. Other Principals also related the same story of helplessness.

Most of the  children come from the poorest of the poor families of Malwani slum. Only a token fee  is taken by the schools, anything beyond is unworkable. The schools can't raise the fees even by a rupee, there will be chaos and widespread agony.

We in IDF heard the story with rapt attention, and said that we shall try, it was almost an empty sooth-saying. We wondered how such a massive help can be given to the schools. As the Principals left, we sat in silence and prayed.

Dr Narayan, CEO - IDF recalled later that Bhaktivedanta School in Juhu was likely to shift to a new premises and the Principal Mrs. Armaity Engineer had mentioned about the likely shift during this academic year.  Mrs. Rekha Bajaj, IDF Education Ambassador took up the matter with Mrs. Armaity Engineer and she agreed to donate the entire school furniture for the poor schools in Malwani.  IT WAS TIMELY.

The task of distribution of school furniture to various schools was given to IDF Trustee Rotarian Aunali Rupani who along with Mrs. Rekha Bajaj inspected the materials and made stock of the available school furniture.   God Almighty's hands were visible in this turn of events. Rtn. Aunali Rupani made proper justification in distribution of benches/ desks/ chairs/ boards as per the need of the schools and the same were transported through 5 trucks to 5 different schools in Malwani and the entire operation took 5 hours. There was no loss of time and the action was very quick.

The recipients of school furniture are Gurukul English High School, Holy Mother English School, Sir J.R. High School, Holy Spirit English School and Daya Sagar English School

This help will ensure very comfortable sitting arrangement for 361 students and they are going to bless the Angels for the good help.

The cost of furniture will be a few lakhs of rupees, donated entirely free !

God Almighty sent Angels - Mrs. Armaity Engineer, Mrs. Rekha Bajaj and Rtn Aunali Rupani  - for this benevolent turn of events.

A mere thought of positivism can bring change around.  IDF promotes goodness unlimited and we try to bridge the haves and the have-nots.   What is OLD to you is GOLD to us. 

This is  one of the success stories  that happened during July 2012

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