Friday, July 13, 2007

Ignited minds work hard

This follows Mahima Gehlot's speech on World Population Day, the little girl Sabita Mohanty of Standard V of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram, Jaipur too gave an extempore speech on the importance of Hard Work this morning (12/07/07). On request, she also penned down her throughts for IDF.

It is really creditable to see the matured thoughts of a little girl. Kudos to Sabita Mohanty. When asked about her goal in life, she said `i would like to become a paediatrics - a doctor for the children' and serve them. It's mindblowing to listen to such young students. Looking at such wonderful minds, one could feel that genNext will take the mantle of development of our country.

-----------------Hard work-----------------

Work is the highest duty of man. Work is worship. Without work a man cannot lead a happy life. This beautiful world is God's work. God himself is a worker. He wants every one of us to work that is why He brought us in the world. A man works for the comforts of life. He has to work hard to support his family. Sometimes he works to win name and fame. Hard work is not injurious to health rather than contributory. Hard work makes body active and smart. Those who do not work hard and remain in their cushioned beds often fall ill. Mental work makes our mind sharper and keener. If a man does not do physical work, his body becomes weak. But for hard work it is necessary that a man should like the work. If he likes the work he will do it enthusiastically and will progress to make life easy and enjoyable. An idle man's mind is a devil's workshop. Only those who work hard get glory and success in life. Hard work gives peace to mind. It gives mental satisfaction. A man who works hard enjoys a sound sleep. He never develops bad habits because he is always busy. Through his hard work man has brought heaven on earth. Hard work pays in the long run.

--------------------Timely Ignited Minds Excel--------------------
IDF congratulates Sabita Mohanty for her wonderful thoughts on hard work. We wish her good luck in her studies. May God bless you.

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