Friday, July 13, 2007

Bhavan's Vidyashram supports IDF

Indian Development Foundation organised a two-day health awareness programme at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram in Jaipur.

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer spoke on the objectives of the Foundation and also highlighted the scientific information on Tuberculosis to the children. He addressed the Secondary students assembly on 11th July while the Primary and Balwadi students were addressed on the 12th.

Mr. Upendra Kaushik, Principal of the School appreciated the work of IDF and exhorted students to come forward and support humanitarian programmes. Our school has always been in the forefront in helping social causes, expressed the Principal.

Mrs. P. Kachhawa, Vice-Principal said, it is the Bhavan's culture to support social programmes in national interest. Not a single student is denied of the opportunity of participation, Ms. Kachhawa said.

Mrs. Lalita Vohra, Headmistress of the School and Mrs. Valentina Kathuria, Co-ordinator of Balwadi appreciated the work of IDF and assured of full support to the needy and the suffering.

Mrs. Anushri Mathur has been given the Social Service Responsibility of IDF during this academic year.

IDF thank BVB's Vidyashram for their kind and continued support.

Let noble thoughts come to us from everyside. Rigveda.

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