Friday, February 1, 2013

Lt.Gen Ajai Masih (Retd), UYSM guides students to control their anger.

Lt.Gen Ajai Barnabas Masih  guides Students of Vivek Vidyalaya to Control and Manage anger.
Lt. Gen. Ajai Barnabas Masih (Retd), UYSM was invited by Vivek Vidyalaya in Mumbai where he addressed the students of IX to control and manage their anger. He empowered the students in not only controlling and managing their anger but also shared tips on channelizing their anger in constructive way. He shared various tips and his experience on the same. Many students had their queries to which he gave apt and quick solutions. Around 500 students and some teachers were present in the seminar.
Dr. Suresh Nair, Principal expressed his sincere gratitude to to Lt. Gen. Ajai Masih and team IDF - Dr. ARK Pillai and Dr.Narayan Iyer for arranging such a meaningful programme. The talk was arranged on 01-02-2013. 


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