Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A tireless supporter of humanitarian causes, Holy Angels High School, Vijayanagar.

Ms. P.  Lokesh, the Principal of Holy Angels High School, Vijayanagar and his entire school team have been extending unrelenting contributions & support to humanitarian causes over the past one spiritedly supportive decade. 

The school has been a class apart in whatever project it undertakes. Last year the school organised a dance festival, bringing a record 2500 students on stage. Each one of the dance program had a national theme and the entire serial of 40 plus dances were witnessed by a spellbound (till the very end) crowd of 25 thousand spectators.

The school had also organised a mega science exhibition on the 27th of January 2013. 2000 students actively participated in the event and there were more than 150 stalls. Some of the stalls were excellent with quite innovative ideas and many stalls had provided working models viz Mechanism to switch off street lamps on the high ways, when there no vehicles, Generating electricity on highways using the pressure of ongoing vehicles, producing cement were some of the project.

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