Friday, February 1, 2013

IDF launches Gautam Buddha Bal Gurukul in Siddharth Nagar, U.P.

IDF in collaboration with Gautam Buddha Jagriti Society (GBJS) launched Gautam Buddha Bal Gurukul at  Azgara Block, Uska, Siddharth Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh on 1st Feb 2013.

Mr Ram Naval Yadav, village-head, inaugurated the Bal Gurukul while Dr. A.S. Ansari from Primary School highlighted the importance and advantages of Bal Gurukul to the children.

Mr. Sridhar Pandey, Secretary, GBJS congratulated all the students for getting the gift of Bal Gurukul and thanked IDF for rendering the support.

IDF is committed to spread smiles all around.

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