Monday, May 14, 2012


Indian Development Foundation (IDF) in collaboration with CSS – Centre for Social Service run a Bal Gurukul in Hyderabad. We propose to start a Women Empowerment Program for the women of the nearby slums which has a large population of the Lambadi Tribes. These ladies are not educated and do not have any skill. However they are showing a lot of interest to learn and earn for their family and children. This project is for the women from rural and urban poor women working in the informal sector and also for the mothers of the children of our Bal Gurukul who after leaving the child in school just work as casual labourers.

We propose to train these ladies in tailoring and make them self reliant. The tailoring course is for 3 months. After the training they are given a job work so that they can earn from the same project.

For this purpose, we need 10 sewing machines so that they can train at least 10 women in each batch and can run a minimum of 3-4 batches in a day so that they can train at least 50 women in 3 months.

Requirements :
1. Usha Champion: 8 Nos.
2. Magic master Embroidery Machine: 2 Nos.

We hope that you would extend a helping hand towards this project and help us empower these women by providing training and capacity building of various kinds, we would develop their self-confidence, and their life skills.

Your HELP please. -

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