Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank God that you are healthy at this moment.....Count on your blessings.

IDF has been receiving several people/ applications with requests for help to meet urgent educational, medical and other dire need for sustenance .......Every story is touching and every cause is worth considering.....Each case can bring tears in your eyes...Each case is soul-stirring .....We wish we are wealthy enough to meet their requirements....We have a BIG heart......We do try help the best way possible within the means of the Foundation.....We also try to connect them to the`haves'....but at times it becomes difficult to spot the `haves'......Bridging the gap sometimes becomes difficult......There are many cases in our hand which need urgent attention......

Enlightened persons/ institutions may come forward to support Indian Development Foundation (IDF) so that we can pass on your `goodness' to those who need the most.

We often think of doing good ! `Why postpone goodness in life ?', What is possible today may not be possible later. Delay in acting on the inner urge cause nagging uneasiness for years to come. Isn't it wiser to act today ? IDF is known for transparency and accountability. Do send your contributions and save million lives. Every donation counts.....Every donation of yours is big to us.

Write to

Direct Transfer through NEFT/ RTGS
IDF's Savings Bank A/c. 207001000083586 
Indian Overseas Bank, Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400104
IFSC - IOBA0002070

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