Friday, May 11, 2012

Dr. Narayan addresses Rotary Club Mumbai on TB

It was a great honour for Dr. Narayan Iyer to address the Rotarians of Rotary Club of Mumbai North Island at Juhu, Mumbai on 10-05-2012. He was given the responsibility to speak on IDF's work on Tuberculosis Awareness and Control programme. Rotary Clubs at different station in India have been partnering with IDF in its massive TB Awareness programmes. With more participation and support, we are confident of controlling and stopping the spread of the 2-letter disease (T.B.). Awareness is the key. Special thanks to the Rotarian President Dattatray Padhye, Rotarian Secretary Parveen Jethi and the Past District Governor Dr. J.T. Vyas. Also thanks to Rtn. Aunali Rupani for the wonderful support.

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