Friday, February 13, 2009

Old for you, Gold for us

If you are looking for an exterior paint, your search ends here.........the catchy slogan of Suncem Surface Coatings Pvt. Ltd will certainly attract anyone. Similarly the appeal for old and working computers for the Gurukuls and Rehabilitation projects of IDF .... `what is old for you, is gold for us' was spotted by the Suncem team.

Mr. U. Ramachandran, Director of Suncem was moved by the work of Indian Development Foundation and thought of gifting the old working computers of his company for the benefit of the children studying in IDF Gurukuls. He along with Mrs. Jayashree S. Menon from Suncem visited IDF office and presented 3 old computers to Dr. Pillai.
Dr. Pillai appreciated the kind support of Suncem Team and said `the computers which are old for you are gold for the children in the centre who have no access to such items'.

Dr. Pillai in turn presented a StopTB poster conveying message on Tuberculosis to Lion Mr. U. Ramachandran for spreading the message on TB to the masses.

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