Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shankersai cheers up street kids

Children love flying kites during Makar Sankranti. They also run around the streets collecting kites which are snapped in contest. It's really fun to watch the kite contests and run around the streets.

IDF young ambassador Master G. R. Shankersai at Hyderabad thought of celebrating Makar Sankranti with a difference.

Eight year old boy went round the streets in Hyderabad and distributed kites to the street kids. The children in the street were very happy to receive kites and strings from Shankersai.

Shankersai cheered up the street kids as he distributed colourful kites.

I always wish to share happiness with the underprivileged children and street kids during festive occasion. It gives me a rare joy when i share goodness with the poor, said Shankersai.

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