Monday, January 12, 2009

Pratigya - A Walkathon to Ban Smoking

Pratigya – A walkathon was organized by the management students of SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS), Nerul, Navi Mumbai to create awareness on the ill-effects of smoking in public places and its hazards to the public due to passive smoking.

Indian Development Foundation joined hands with SIESCOMS team and various leading NGOs and Colleges in Mumbai to support ban on smoking in public places.

IDF Ambassador and look-alike Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Sharad Nayampally flagged off Pratigya Walkathon from Oval Maidan in the south Mumbai in the morning hours Sunday, 11th of January 2009 and walked along with the students up to Girgaum Chowpatty.

Mr. K.L. Prasad IPS, Joint Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) and Chief Guest for the event, exhorted the youth to come forward in removing the menace of smoking in public places.

The Director of SIESCOMS Dr. A.K. Sengupta said, PRATIGYA is an initiative that is surely one of its kind, where we, as responsible citizens, help spread awareness to save several innocent lives that are affected by the hazards of smoking

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, National Co-ordinator, IDF congratulated the organizers of the event for the wonderful social initiative.

Pratigya was aimed at educating the masses on the ill-effects of smoking in public places and its hazards to the public due to passive smoking. As conscientious managers of tomorrow, the campaign is to support the ban imposed by the Government on smoking in public zones, said the organizers.

The students pledged, `I take an oath to be the change I want to see.’

Enthusiastic students wearing a mask marched with slogans, placards, banners and posters conveying message on the ban.

IDF student ambassadors from SVKM Law College and ITM Business School too joined hands in the movement.
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Anonymous said...

Great job done! please keep up and continue this awareness, let it not fade away.

Also you must revive the Mumbai Attacks and ask questions on what has been done about it by the so called authorities, this is very important as our Jawans have lost their life's for us. This must not happen again to this wonderful city.

Once again all the best IDF.

Cecil Joseph - Chicago.

Akshit said...

Great job SIESCOMites....keep spreading the best words!!!