Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sir Ketumile Masire hails IDF work

The Former President of Botswana and the recipient of Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Award, Sir Ketumile Masire received the IDF team at his palace in Gaborone on Monday the 16th April.

Sir Ketumile Masire was all praise for the excellent service rendered to humanity by Indian Development Foundation for nearly 25 years.

Sir Masire said, sharing of Indian experience with Botswana is an excellent proposition in regard to public health and education'. The NGOs in Botswana and IDF may come together for greater understanding and sharing of experiences, Sir Masire added.

Sir Masire applauded the contribution of Indian people in Botswana for participating in the overall development and progress of the country.

The IDF team led by Dr. A. R. K Pillai included Mr. R. Girish, Dr. Narayan B.Iyer and Mr. T.N. Anil. Dr. Pillai apprised Sir Masire of IDF's humanitarian activities in India. Dr. Narayan mentioned that the whole NGO work in India was managed through public participation.

Earlier Mr. Anil introduced the IDF team to Sir Masire.

For the report on Sir Ketumile Masire receiving the Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Award, please click the link below.

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