Thursday, April 5, 2007

Botswana Benevolence

Mr. Jay Ramesh, Managing Partner, Grant Thornton Acumen, Botswana and Chairman for Sub Saharan African Region donated a handsome amount to Indian Development Foundation to sponsor education for poor children in India. Mr. Ramesh has been a great support for the cause of health and education in India for the past few years. IDF thanks Mrs. Pushpa Ramesh and Mr. Jay Ramesh for their kind and continued support.

The Botswana benevolence continues.

Mrs. Aparna Vijay and Mr. Vijay Kalyanaraman from Grant Thornton Acumen, Gaborone expressed their solidarity with the poor children of India.

Dr. Pillai, Mr. Girish and Dr. Narayan called on Mr. Vijay and family on Wedesday the 4th April. They explained the activities of IDF in India. Sponsorship of poor children and empowerment classes in India were the main topics that were discussed. Mr. & Mrs. Vijay who have been supporting a couple of social programmes were moved by the talk and presented a cheque for the cause.

Mr. & Mrs. Vijay congratulated the team for the wonderful work and appreciated the efforts of IDF in the overall developmental areas.

IDF team thank the benevolent gestures of Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Vijay.

Let noble thoughts come to us from everyside. Rigveda.

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