Tuesday, March 4, 2014

World TB Day 2014 - IDF gears up for massive TB awareness campaign

Let's gear up for WORLD TB DAY 2014 (24th March)

Indian FOOTBALL legend I.M. VIJAYAN supports TB cause.

"Let's kick out TB and bring smiles"
- I.M. Vijayan (IDF Brand Ambassador for TB Awareness)

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) thank Indian football legend I.M. Vijayan for supporting the cause. IDF also thank World's No.1 Anti-TB Company, Lupin Pharma for supporting the TB Awareness Campaign for World TB Day 2014.

The newly designed Multi-lingual TB Awareness Posters will be available for distribution at educational institution/ Banks/ Corporate offices/ Trust Offices/ Co-operative Housing Societies and many other public spots for creating an impact during World TB Day. Do write to idfindia@gmail.com for TB posters and spread awareness.

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