Thursday, March 13, 2014

International Women's Day, 2014, Mumbai

On the eve of  International Women's Day programme IDF organized a program  in St. Thomas Mar Thoma School, Mumbai.  The parents of the school children who are the members of the Sarva Sakhi Swabhiman (S3), Women Empowerment Project at the school were the invitees for the event. 

Ms. Meghna Popat- IDF Social Ambassador and a Clinical Psychologist spoke on the need of counselling to the present generation children and how mothers can be the Counselors. She also highlighted the importance of listening and understanding to the children's demands and needs.

Ms. Shayada Sayani- IDF Intern and a Nutritionist highlighted the importance of the right diet. She also explained the parents, who is a healthy child? and how to keep track of the child's BMI (Body Mass Index)?.

IDF also donated three sewing machines to the empowerment group and provisioned for teaching the tailoring skill. The parents were happy to receive the machines and expressed their thanks & desire to learn tailoring. IDF appreciated the efforts of the teachers; Ms. Devi Nadar, Ms. Sangeeta Taksale, Ms. Mercy Francis and Principal Ms. Joice Dias towards the empowerment group.

Dr. Narayan Iyer and IDF Educational Ambassador Mrs. Rekha Bajaj congratulated the parents and motivated them to continue with and excel in their efforts. 

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