Friday, January 17, 2014

Vibgyor High visits Oldage Home, Mumbai

Indian Development Foundation (IDF)  organized a student  sensitization  programme/ Field  trip as a part  of  their   learning  course  for  the  students of  Vibgyor High,  Goregaon,  Mumbai  on 17th Jan 2014 at  Assisi  Bhavan- Oldage  Home, Goregaon. Students from 8th Grade were part of
the programme. 

The students were pretty happy to be part  of  the activity and organized the event wonderfully. They played songs/ music for the grannies at the centre. One of  the  student  Meghna  played  guitar  and

others helped with the songs. The music were pretty much liked and enjoyed by them. The grannies also sang for the students. The students & grannies 
also danced on the tunes. 

The students also played a game of Housie with the grannies. The winners of the game were given cards & biscuits. Students also distributed cake, biscuits, key chains etc. The students also distributed other items viz; toothpaste, tooth brush, soaps, etc which was donated at the center.

IDF appreciates and thanks Vibgyor High, Students, Teachers (Ms. Pooja & Ms. Sudha) and staff for making arrangements for the visit. Special thanks to Sister Janet and the entire staff of Assisi Bhavan.

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