Thursday, January 23, 2014

IDF conducts Health Awareness Programme, Goa

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) conducted T.B. & Leprosy awareness lecture for the schools in Goa; St. Rock's High School, TollecantoBethany High School, Sau Jose De Areal, and at KV Bambolim.

Students were made aware on symptoms, preventive measures, effects and general information on TB & health awareness. Some of the important points IDF explained were regarding:

  • Persistent Cough for more than two weeks.
  • Fever in the Evening.
  • Blood in the Sputum.
  • Loss of Appetite & Body weight.
  • Chest Pain.

The students were made aware regarding the prevention and symptoms of disease TB, Leprosy et al. The principal asked the students to make most use of the awareness and spread the information in the society. The session was an interactive were many students asked their questions.

IDF appreciates the efforts of the school authorities for arranging one such lecture. Special thanks to Mr. Thomaskutty & Mr. Mario Quadros for their samaritan efforts.

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