Friday, December 20, 2013

Yash Technology establishes computer labs in IDF Bal Gurukuls @ Hyderabad.

Indian Development Foundation  thanks the management team of Yash Technologies for thnoble gesture in helping to set up a computer labs in two IDF Bal Gurukuls -  Andhra Saraswathi Balika Pathashala , Feelkhana, and Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Hydershakote, Hyderabad   to impart " RIGHT EDUCATION" to these special children.
Yash technologies is a leading global enterprise and business solutions provider. Yash is a classic example of Indian origin company going global with presence spread across the world - US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

IDF in its diversified objectives has included  education programmes into its fold. Education to the poor and the marginalized children in rural areas, tribal villages, urban slums and the handicapped,is a priority concern for IDF.  Education gives empowerment in employment areas, commercial activities, health care and in fact Total Quality of Life.  

In our country  there are still many first time school-goers in a family.   In such cases, the parents are not able to guide their wards on education matters.  There are families who with great difficulty send their children to government schools.  Those of who are capable monetary-wise provide their wards with tuition facilities. However, there are still several children attending schools but do not get proper educational guidance from home. 

 Indian Development Foundation (IDF) has found a method to remove this barrier by opening up `Education Programmes' OR `Bal Gurukuls’ in India.  From a humble beginning of 5 students in a tribal area of Karjat, IDF now has 140+ Bal gurkuls and covers over 8000+ students in India under this empowerment programme.

Promoting right to " RIGHT EDUCATION" has been one of the focus areas for IDF.  IDF also focuses on Women Empowerment Programmes providing adult education and vocational training to women folks under  - Sarva Sakhi Swabhiman (Project S-3). I am sure this small beginning will go a long way in helping these children gain skills on computers which will certainly help them in their course of life. 

We would like to thank IDF social ambassadors Dr.Geetanjali, Mr.Madhukar, Mr.Ramesh Kumar and 
Mrs.Rama for the excellent support.

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