Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cover of Campassion @ Kusumghatta, Dumka, Jharkhand.

Indian Development Foundation (IDF)provides blankets and sweaters to the needy at kusumghatta, Dumka, Jharkhand. 

IDF has been in the forefront in mobilising blankets and providing it to leprosy-affected persons in the leprosycolonies in Bihar / Jharkhand/ Rajasthan / UP/ Uttarakhand and other northern region. We also distribute blankets to the elderly people in Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, BR Hills in Karnataka and couple of hilly terrains in India. 

Our requests all to help in providing blankets to the poor and the needy leprosy patients in colder regions. The requests are pouring in for further support. It is the time to show your love and warmth to the have-nots in the society.  Let's do it now before it is too late.  Our target is to provide at least 3000 blankets during this winter. 

Cost per blanket is quoted as Rs.250/= per blanket.

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