Friday, October 11, 2013

World Sight Day, 2013 at Central Railway Station, Chennai

Indian Development Foundation and GREMALTES Hospital, together organized an awareness exhibition at the Central Railway Station, Chennai to observe World Sight Day. The event was inaugurated by Additional Divisional Railway Manager, R. Mohan Raja and highlighted various aspects of the Eye care, including early detection of disease, Eye care and Eye donation.

Emphasizing the need for early detection of diseases, Mohan Raja stressed the importance of Eye testing. Many of the diseases are irreversible and hence early detection through eye check up is the way forward. 

The Exhibition’s theme was ‘Universal Eye Health’ and it emphasized  on the fact that a majority of cases of blindness was found in low income countries as facilities for early detection and treatment was unavailable.  

The exhibition pointed out that surgery was the most cost effective way to treat cataract and added that glaucoma, though less frequent than cataract could affect regardless of their age group and render them blind.

On the need for eye donation, the exhibition pointed out that Indian had a demand of over one million donated eyes but the availability was only around 45,000.

IDF appreciates the efforts of the association and people who rendered their invaluable time and support to create far reaching effects of the awareness.  

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