Saturday, October 5, 2013

Empowering Mr. Jagdish Pawar to meet the challenges.

Mr. Jagdish Pawar who is known for courage and confidence, was all smiles when he received the battery-operated MOTORISED TRICYCLE from Dr. ARK Pillai on 05-10-2013. 

Jagdish lost both his limbs some year ago and he was sent to IDF's project in Ramgarh Reintegration Centre in Jaipur for rehabilitation. Resident of Mumbai, Jagdish started selling agarbattis and other pooja items near temple spots... Of late, he developed pains in hands and thus IDF decided to give him a battery operated tricycle which will give him comfort. 

He will use the same for selling products nearly temple points to make a living. Jagdish is now empowered to meet the challenges....... I am extremely thankful to IDF for constantly supporting me and i am aware there are many Jagdish in this country who need such support. I am also confident that many people will support IDF and derive joy in giving, said Jagdish with a smile...

Photorized ride

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