Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knowledge as a Treasure - Daisy Rani from Infant Jesus School Trichy

KNOWLEDGE AS A TREASURE - (English translation given below) (recorded on 06-12-12)

Daisy Rani, student of class VI from Infant Jesus School, Khajamalai, Trichy responded quickly to the request for a story in Tamil. Daisy Rani aims to become a lawyer and help people at large. IDF runs Infant Jesus Bal Gurukul in the school premises and empowers children for a better life ahead. IDF has over 100 Bal Gurukuls in India (Dec.2012) providing education to those who need the most. 


Knowledge as a Treasure!!

Once upon a time a scholar and a goldsmith were travelling together. The goldsmith carrying rich valuables with him teasingly mocks the scholar to be penniless. At this the scholar spoke gently reminding the goldsmith that he is carrying such a treasure that can be distributed but cannot be stolen - `the treasure of knowledge'

Ignoring the great scholar's words the trader moves on where he finds himself in the midst of a pack of thieves, who robs his gold, wealth and treasures that he carried. Turning their attention to the scholar they charged. The scholar declared penniless but promised to sing a folk song for the group, which they would love. Accepting the proposition, the thieves listened with eagerness.

Impressed by the song, they begged him to sing it repeatedly. With love for the song and the singer the thieves gifted all that they had stolen from the goldsmith to the scholar. Rejecting the offer the scholar requested the thieves to gift him anything that was earned out of their own hard earned money.

Moral: The most important treasure in your life is the knowledge that you accumulate and share.

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