Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Right to `Right Education'

Find the purpose, means will follow......... READ AND REACT.

IDF believes in networking and collaborative participation. IDF's philosophy - Let's work together and build a better India of our dream. Like IDF, there are thousands of NGOs working in the field of health, education and rural development. There are very BIG, big, MEDIUM, small to very SMALL organisations in every corner of this country. Many are waiting for an opportunity to affiliate and work for various causes. Let's come together, network and see that we start nailing the problems one by one. The power of ONE is really great. There is no dearth of resources in India - may it be human resource or monetary resource. People are ready to support humanitarian causes.

Every child in India should be educated. This should be our PRIME TASK. Despite of top social and corporate giants - we still find children on the street - either begging or rag-picking. Can we not better the situation and give them the dose of education ? Is it not our responsibility ? What are we waiting for ?

IDF is ready to take up this challenge and work with various NGOs in this country. Let's take up this task which is quite achievable . IDF is prepared and ready to start Bal Gurukuls in different parts of India......

A step towards right to `right education'.


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saahithis said...

Great Post! Education is the basic right every civilian must be given. Every individual who can afford must make it one's duty to get the illerate educated.