Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Archbishop of Delhi appreciates IDF work

Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, CEO, IDF and Mr. Nehmiah Chirag, Asst. Development Executive, of Indian Development Foundation called on His Grace Rev. Vincent M. Concessao, Archbishop of Delhi at the Archbishop's House 19th July 2011.

Dr. Narayan apprised the Archbishop on the IDF's nation-wide ongoing social responsibility programmes, stressing on the need for TB awareness among the masses.

The Archbishop congratulated IDF and its team-members for the wonderful humanitarian work carried out in the areas of health, education and rural development. His Grace asked the team to intensify TB awareness in India particularly in educational institutions as students are the messengers of health messages. He also exhorted students and citizens to join hands with IDF for the TB elimination programme.

Dr. Narayan and Mr. Chirag sought blessings from the Archbishop as they presented the copy of
Hope on the Horizon.

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