Thursday, August 26, 2010


Vibgyor High's Student Social Responsibility Cell came out with a novel idea of organising business games among the school students and share the profit arising out of it for charity. Vibgyor High team decided to present the donation to Indian Development Foundation for its social objectives. The team has been coming up with new ideas and supporting IDF projects for a couple of years now.

Mr. Shim Mathew, Principal of the School, Ms. Rina Biswas, Business studies teacher and the team presented a profit to Dr. Narayan B. Iyer for IDF's education projects. Dr. Narayan Iyer appreciated the novel idea of students and congratulated the emerging business tycoons with a social bent of mind.

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Divya Dubey said...

Well done Vibgyor High! Way to go! It is appreciable that the school has taken this initiative and utilised the limitless potential of young minds to a good cause. Wish more schools would think on these lines.