Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Shoot at sight" for a cause

There are causes and there are concerns, just as there are crisis and there are complications. Poverty, terrorism, global warming; no dearth of social issues, endless list of hurdles …But then someone's got to walk the talk and make a difference where it matters. Fortunately, these young documentarians have set the camera rolling in the right direction, are zooming in at the right issues and are playing just the right role behind the lens......................

.....................While Utkarsh Rastogi, class XII student, Bhavan Vidayalaya, IDF social ambassador, spent four days shooting the schools in Jaipur villages. "The purpose of these schools, established by IDF, is to take education where it's not there. While shooting we spent four days with the students waking up around six, travelling 7-8 kms. "We'd first spend the entire day scandalising the students with the camera." He adds, "The purpose of the documentary is not to ask for more donations but to inform people what we are doing."

There are plans in place for future too, for shouldn't the show go on, shouldn't the reel stop rolling. Adds Utkarsh, "In another two weeks I'm off to join the University of Illinois but around December is lined up another NGO in Rajasthan that's working for leprosy patients. People here get training for free in fields like electronics, auto repairing, tailoring. I want to pick up two three people and tell their story."

- Courtesy - The Tribune, Chandigarh - 2nd Aug, 2010

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