Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Indelible Impressions

We use the word hospitality, service and charity several times in our talks. But we realised the actual depth and colour of these words the moment we visited Vimala Centre located in North Mumbai. The Sisters care for the leprosy patients cannot be simply explained in words. It's remarkable indeed to witness the depth of compassion. The feeeling for the inmates is immeasurable and the love is seen all around. The maintenance and upkeep of the centre is awesome. The atmosphere of the hospital is very serene, calm and blessed. One would guess if such a place exists in Mumbai. We were welcomed by a sister and were explained about the various activities. The recreation hall, the living rooms of the inmates are maintained so well that the patients feel at home. We were really moved by the stories of a few children and also that of a couple of inmates. The tailoring unit in the centre is an excellent inhouse rehabilitation activity which helps them towards self-reliance. We have no apt words to describe the services and the charity which Vimala Center is offering to the society. We are indeed happy and also feel proud to be part of Indian Development Foundation which networks with similar projects across India.

Rakhul V. and Aalok Shinde, students of ICFAI Business School, Mumbai.

Rakul & Aalok have been inducted as Student Social Ambassadors of IDF

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