Thursday, June 4, 2009

Human resource as CSR

See & Recruit Private Ltd., Mumbai has found a novel method of providing volunteers to various NGOs in Mumbai for supporting different human causes.

S&R will make a study of NGOs and draw volunteers from various colleges in Mumbai to suit their needs. It's a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of S&R to provide free human resource for social programmes.

Mr. Tushar Rathod, Chief Executive, S&R and Dr. A.R.K. Pillai, President, Indian Development Foundation signed an MoU in the line of mutual co-operation to meet the needs of the society. Youth in these days are waiting for an opportunity to serve the society and networking with NGOs will certainly help in realising their dream, said Mr. Tushar.

Dr. Pillai andDr. Narayan from IDF congratulated S&R team for the novel initiative of drawing human resource for social programmes. It's an excellent CSR activity and this will be welcomed by many. S&R can be a catalyst in providing volunteers to various NGOs to make an effective working of the project. More youth will get aware of the social programmes and they inturn will participate in the development of the society, said Dr. Narayan.

Ms. Hita Shah, MBA student from IES, Bandra, Mumbai and an intern at S&R helped in co-ordinating IDF & S&R for a meaningful social tie-up.

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