Wednesday, March 25, 2009

World TB Day at Mangalore

TB Day has been symbolically observed in Mangalore with kids from Centre for Integrated Learning (CIL) presenting a poster to the Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation Mr. Shankar Bhat. The mayor has assured the children that the posters would be stuck at important public places through the health department of the Corporation. The kids also went around the city sticking the posters in some of the main lanes of the city.

College students from Mangalore Institute of Fashion Technology also participated in the TB awareness campaign by visiting small business establishments like hotels and shops in the vicinity of their college and spread awareness about the disease.

The Post Graduate Department of Social Work of Karavali Group of Institutions will be organising a TB Awareness drive from March 25. The programme is being organised in association with Sameeksha Trust, an associate organisation of CIL. Apart from sticking the posters, the students have suggested that they will carry the message to their field work area where they are already working on Combat Malaria programme.

TB awareness campaign was also carried out by the post graduate students of journalism at SDM College, Ujire near Dharmasthala by going around the town sticking posters.

Indian Development Foundation provided the TB Awareness Posters to CIL for creating awareness in Mangalore area. IDF congratulates CIL team for organising wonderful social awareness programme.

A report by Mr. Nandagopal Srinivasan


S said...

It is marvellous that the students of CIL have actively involved in spearheading TB awareness. I am sure the excellent example of CIL wil be emulated not only by other NGOs but also by every right thinking citizen of this country.

S said...

Hearty Congarts to CIL for the wonderful initiative in bringing TB Awareness to the masses! Considering the enormous loss of precious human lives and the adverse impact TB has on govenment exchequer, the disease should be fought tooth and nail.

Dr. S. Franklin, Indian Development Foundation, Bangalore