Thursday, March 19, 2009

Olympian supports TB cause

I congratulate the excellent work of Indian Development Foundation in the area of Tuberculosis awareness programme, said Mr. Ashish Ballal. Every individual should take up the responsibility and come forward to STOP TB.

Olympian Arjuna Awardee and Asian Games Gold Medalist Mr. Ashish Ballal from Dhanraj Ballal Hockey Academy, Bangalore endorsed the message `I am stopping TB' during his visit to IDF Bangalore office on 16th March.

Mr. Ashish Ballal accompannied by Mr. Ritesh Shetty and Mr. Manoj Shetty joined hands to support IDF's humanitarian programmes.

IDF record its special thanks to Mr. Manoj Shetty and his friends for organising TB Awareness Posters for distribution to several thousands across the country.

IDF Team comprising Dr. Narayan B. Iyer, Mr. Chidambaram and Dr. S. Franklin thanked Mr. Ashish, Mr. Ritesh and Mr. Manoj for extending support for the cause and presented TB Awareness posters.

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